Having Differences

Having Differences

Personality differences are common with relationships, as the saying goes, “opposites attract,” and people tend to fall in love with others that are different. Even though this is true, over time, things can change, and personality differences can begin to cause problems because everyone has different needs and the world changes around us.

Personality Matters

Some studies have found that people look for other people that are similar to them such as age and religion and when it comes to some personality traits, the traits can be more satisfying for some when they are similar.

Some people have different personalities, but they share the same common things that they like, and it allows them to bond and have fun. Other couples do not have the same interests and they use their emotional maturity and their strength to make the relationship work.

Managing Differences

Couples that differ in their personality traits need to be more open and willing to experience new things. They need to look at how they can look at the differences that everyone has and build up their partnerships.

Difference Between Introversion and Extroversion

Having traits that are different such as being an extrovert, or an introvert can cause a relationship to be on different scales. Each partner needs to understand the needs and the differences that their partner has.

Understanding means that your partner might want to spend evenings out with their friend while you want to spend the evening in your home with your laptop or in front of a movie. You do not need a partner that is exactly the same, but you do need one that is attuned to your needs and accepting of who you are.

Thinking Style

Thinking style is a logical and oriented thing. This is an emotional perspective that people have. Someone that is an artistic person might focus more on the beauty of things while others are problem solvers. Both traits are important in different situations and not one person is going to always be the same. It is important in any relationship that time is spent together, and the strengths are increased, and weaknesses improved.

Adventure versus Non-Adventure

Some people want to experience new things and they get excited by trying new things and having new adventures. They want to go to new places, and they want to experience things that make them happy and excited, while others just enjoy doing their regular activities. There is nothing wrong with either of these personalities.

The two different personalities can work out in a relationship and it is not common to have conflict over this but it is important that each partner respects the needs of the other and they try to figure out ways to be together and to bond. It is important to know your partners limits.

Empath versus Psychopath

It is not a good idea to get involved with a psychopath but to show empathy is important. Some people are very empathetic, and they are emotionally attached to others and care deeply about the feelings of people around them. They care and understand other people’s feelings and they work hard to make things good.

When in a relationship with an empath, you can expect that they will be sensitive, and their mood will change. They might get upset easily about things and it is important that each partner knows how to communicate and understand the other personality. It is important to learn to connect.

Free and Organized

Some people are very organized while others might even be considered a little sloppy. When they are in their own personal space, they need to be able to control who they are and do things the way that they want. If you are an organized person, you might find it hard to be around someone that is messy and cluttered, but you have to learn to be understanding of this.

People that are in this different personality relationship will sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the mess and it can cause stress and anxiety but remember, it is a personal preference.

Understanding Differences

Personality differences do not mean that there has to be constant conflict. It is important to take time to understand the differences, especially as a couple and learn to function with each other. Learn to use your relationship to build your skills and to build your understanding.

Understanding makes a healthy relationship and as time goes and people grow and learn to understand each other, it will show that having personality differences can be a good thing.

If you have some traits that impact your relationship, talk to your partner, learn to communicate better and learn to compromise with each other. Talk about how you are different and how different personality traits are.

Learn to understand your own and your partners needs and be a better partner. Communicate openly and learn to take advantage of a strong partner and learn to be happy with them.

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