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How to Know if You Are a Free Spirit

The idea of a free spirit has been something that has been around for years and years. What comes to mind when you think about what a free spirit is? You might think of a free spirit as someone that goes against the norms and someone that does things spontaneously. Being a free spirit is so much more than this though and it is a way that you can figure out how to find your own freedom.

Understanding a Free Spirit

A free spirit is someone that does their own thing. They aren’t afraid of whatever happens in the future, and they don’t care what other people say about them. They choose to find happiness and to be successful in their life and they get rid of things that are holding them back.

A free spirit is encouraged by the experiences that they have, and they want to figure out who they are. The go on a journey of self-discovery and they are able to know what their spiritual gifts hold for them. They don’t care about what other people think of them and they live in their communities, almost like hippies live.

Free spirits don’t always conform to whatever society says for them to do. They know that people expect different things from them, and they are often said to be strange or to be weird. Free spirits like to stay busy, and they are very creative. They often love to paint, dance, sing, garden and to do other things that keep their mind and hands busy.

Being a free spirit means that there is freedom and love and that they are living the way that life wants to take them. A free spirit is often positive, but they do face hard times. They sometimes feel that they are all alone because they don’t do what society tells them to do. They feel that no one understands them, and they want to live simple lives and are often said to be lazy, irresponsible, and more.

The free-spirited person is satisfied and doesn’t care what others think of them or say about them. Here are some signs you might be a free spirit:


A free spirit wants to do their own thing and to have their time alone. They get alone well enough with other people but sometimes they feel better when they do things on their own. They make big decisions on their own and they will take this time to focus on what they need and what they want instead of focusing on others.

Most free spirits don’t worry about the opinions of others and so they don’t ask what they are thinking. They don’t let people sway their decisions either. Even being romantic with someone can be hard because a free spirit has a hard time feeling smothered.


Free spirits love adventure. They love to travel, and they will try to find new friends and new experiences all over the world. They look to travel more than they want to travel to material things, and they want to live their life having fun and being in new places.

The idea behind traveling is a mindset that free spirits often have and when they meet new people and try new cultures, they feel free.

Loving Yourself

Most of the time, a free spirit will become who they are supposed to be and so they will love themselves. They focus on how they can enjoy life instead of what they are missing, and they choose styles that are for themselves and not other people. They find value in how they look.


Free spirits are courageous and bold, and they don’t allow fear to control them. They will do things that often make them doubt themselves, but they don’t let this hold them back. They will deal with issues head on, even if they are hard and they will rise to the challenges that they face.

A free spirit will be someone that is called when a decision has to be made that is hard because of their strong courage.

Work to Live Not Live to Work

People like to work to have money but not the free spirit. They will work only because of survival purposes, and they will be someone that would rather do fun things. Their personality isn’t just about fun but working all the time makes them feel smothered.

A lot of free spirits will start their own businesses so that they don’t have to be so tied down.

Judging Others

Open-mindedness is one of the biggest personality traits that a free spirit has. They accept people for who they are, and they are safe for people to come and talk to. When someone feels put down or bullied, they will often talk to a free spirit because they will be kind and caring in their problems.

Unconditional Living

Free spirits want to live their life based on their experiences. They don’t live like other people, and they will find a path that leads them to fun and peace. Free spirits often make choices that are unconventional, and they won’t change their minds about it.

Hard Time with Long-Term Commitments

Free spirits are often misunderstood, and they have a hard time making long-term commitments with others or in situations. They know that there is a chance that something better will come along for them and so they don’t like to commit.

When work offers them long-term jobs or a relationship wants full commitment, the free spirit will often shy away from this because they don’t want to be tied down.


Daydream is one of the ways that a free spirit spends their time. This helps them to not be bored and allows them to plan their goals and dreams. Even if it looks like the free spirit isn’t doing anything, they are and they know just what they have planned next.

Joy and Peace

Free spirits have hard days just like everyone else, but they often are able to see the positive in things. They enjoy spending time doing fun things and they want to do things that bring them joy and peace. They will not waste their time on things that bring them pain or that pull them down.

It can be hard for a free spirit to be around people that are emotional, and they don’t like to be around those that are negative but choose positivity instead.

Spiritual Awakening

Most people hope to go through their spiritual awakenings but when things get scary, they turn from it. A free spirit will go deeper and will know that their path is going to be hard. They don’t let others or society turn them away from their journey.

The free spirit wants to become stronger and to develop themselves and find deeper meaning and a connection with the spirit world and so they will keep pushing until they reach their enlightenement.

How to Become a Free Spirit

There are things that you can do to be a free spirit. You might not have reached the journey that you wanted to reach yet but as long as you prepare your life, you can see that you can do whatever you want.

If you feel that things are holding you back, get rid of them. Find positivity when things get hard and let your creativity help you to be better. Before you decide what, you are going to do, make sure that you know just what you want in your life.

Look deep inside of yourself and find what you desire. Make the changes that you need to live your best life. Here are some tips to help you become a free spirit:


Take time to explore your life and to find things that bring you joy. Don’t become comfortable but always be searching. This can be a new hobby or a new religion or you might just want to learn more about those around you.

Find People You Can Be Close To

Don’t spend your life lonely but find people that you connect with. Find people that have ideas and like minds with you.

Go in Nature

Take time to go out in nature and connect with the spirits of the world around you. Go outside each day. Take time to walk barefoot in the dirt. You will feel the energy of nature all around you.

Know Your Feelings

When you have strong feelings, let them come out. Don’t try to hide your feelings from yourself or others. Recognize your emotions and then change the world around you to make yourself feel good.

If you aren’t in tune with your emotions, then you will have a hard life. There will be things that come against you, but you can say what you feel, and you can allow your emotions to come out. This will help you to feel better.

False Positivity

Don’t fake being positive. This can cause you to look happy on the outside but to be miserable on the inside. You will never get to know yourself if you are always embracing this mindset. Don’t block your emotions and don’t let your journey cause you to stumble.


No one is going to be perfect and that means you, too. Perfection doesn’t help you to be free, but it holds you back. Mistakes help you to learn what you need to learn to be better. Stop trying to be perfect and focus on who you are and what successes you have had.

Living Your Life as a Free Spirit

Free spirits can live a great life but can sometimes feel overwhelmed. The things that you want to do might be hard, but it isn’t impossible to reach them. Find joy and peace and live to be who you really are meant to be.

Being a free spirit can help you to live a lifestyle that brings you courage and encourages you to live the best life that you can live.

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