He is the Love of Your Life

Knowing He is the Love of Your Life

The first time you meet someone you will not know if he is the one for you or not. You have to spend time with this person so that you can know if you are going to be compatible with them. It is important that you see if you are going to be comfortable with them or if you should reach out to meet someone else.

The first thing that you will want to know if he is someone that you could be compatible with because if not, it will be easier to release him sooner from the relationship and for you to move on and meet someone else.

What if he is the one for you? Here are a few signs that let you know if you should stick with him longer to see if he is met for you.


One of the biggest things that make a relationship good is if someone respects you or not. There is no way that someone can love you if they don’t respect you.

Respect is something that will still be there after the honeymoon season and if they are just infatuated with you, respect can end.

Make sure you are with someone that respects you and listens to what you need. A man like this will love you and will never use you. They will be there for you anytime you need them.

He will be someone that knows that bad times come and will work through them with you. He will be someone that will help you through your problems and will be a friend and a support system to you on top of being a lover.

There for You

When you want to know if someone likes you and if they are the one, pay attention to how he acts towards you. See if he is there for you when you need him or just when he needs you. If he is there for you then he will be the right guy for you.

Make sure you are comfortable with him and that he will be someone you can rely on. Your partner should be someone that will help you no matter what you go through.

Find your happiness and make sure you are with someone that puts your happiness first and wants you to smile and to be part of your life.

This will be a man that will make you happy forever and will take care of you.

You Are Important

If you want to know if he is the one for you, see if he puts you first. If you are important to him, he will show you this with his feelings and with his love.

What ever you go through he will not change, even when you both get old.

There will always be a spark in your relationship, and he will treat you like you are the most important thing in his entire life.

Even if he has great friends and a great family, you will be the one that he wants to make happy and he will want to spend most of his time with you.

He will feel loved by you and you will feel loved by him and he will feel like he cannot live his life without you in it.

If he could turn back time and have met you earlier, he would do that.

Best Friend

He will be the first person that you want to call when something good or bad happens in your life. If you are hurting or you are sad, he will be who you want to call.

If there is someone else that you would rather talk to about intimate things, chances are that he isn’t the one for you but if he is the one that you want to talk to and you cannot imagine your life without him, he might be the one for you.

This guy will make you feel like you are special, and he will believe in your goals and your ambitions. He will be there when things are bad to comfort you and to help you through them.

You will love spending time with each other, and he will be the one you have been waiting for. He will be someone that knows what makes you happy and what makes you afraid and he will be there to give you advice and to help you work through hard things.

He will always listen to you and care about what is going on with you.


This will be someone that will pay attention to how you feel. If you feel stressed, he will try to comfort you. You will never be afraid to tell him what is on your mind because you know that he will be there for you.

He will help you to change and help you to be bold. If you feel that you want to do all of those things with this guy next to you then you know that you can enjoy him and enjoy your life. If you feel free to speak your mind, you know he will not put you or your ideas down.

He will want you to live the best life for you and he will want you to want that for him. You should have peace in your life and if you are not worried about it now, having peace in a long-term relationship is important and when there is love, it is even more important to know that your love will come with peace.

Feeling Safe

When you are with this guy, you feel safe, and you feel like you will be protected from all bad things. You know that other people have not made you feel that way in the past.

You love spending time with him, and he is someone that you want too always be with.

If you still wonder if he is the one for you, stop worrying because if you answered yes to all of the things above then you should know your answer.

If he makes you feel happy and loved and you know that his feelings are real, then take that as a sign. If you know that if you are scared you can call him and he will help to make things better, he will be important in your life.

If he gives you everything you need to feel happy, he is someone you need to keep.


If you want to know if this is the man for you, see how you communicate with each other. Can you trust him? Does he keep your secrets and make you feel safe?

If you have good answers for him then you can count on this person. You will trust him, and he will not use you or hurt you. He will be the best friend that you have ever had, and he will never change.

Having a person that you can trust in your life is very important and it will be a blessing for you to have this kind of person in your life.

He is someone that will never hurt you or cause you to be disappointed in him and he won’t try to hurt your feelings but will work to make sure you are happy.


We have all had people in our lives that make us feel disappointed or that we disappoint. You want to find a man that will treat you like you want to be treated and you want one that will give you the attention that you need.

Does he disappoint you or make you upset or hurt your feelings? Do you have to wonder if you are good enough for him?

Maybe he makes you feel beautiful, and he never looks at other women like he looks at you. If he is respectful and shows you love, this is a great sign.

He will prove to you that he loves you more than anything in his life and he will do what he can to make you happy. If you find this person, keep him because they are hard to find.

Makes You Smile

When you want to know if he is the one, think about how he makes you feel. Does he make you laugh until your stomach hurts? Do you always leave with a smile on your face when you are with him?

You know that someone that loves you wants you to be happy and when you are sad or upset, does he help you calm down?

Does he show you love by kissing you and helping you to solve problems? This kind of man will never hurt your feelings on purpose, and he will want you to be happy. He will do whatever he can to make you feel loved.

He will hate for you to suffer and he will not want you to have any problems. He will give you peace and be the best friend you could ever have.

Best Friend

Dating a guy that you cannot imagine being able to live without is someone that you might want to keep. You love this person, and he loves you. You want to show him off to your friends and your family.

You know that he is there for you and that he will be there when you need him. He will be there even when his life is busy.

You will want to see him each day and when you get up, you will have him on your mind. Even when you go to bed you will not be able to get him off your mind.

You will know what he needs, and you will need his love. You will know that he is a special person to you, and you will have complete happiness.

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