Reasons Why You are Still Single

Reasons Why You are Still Single

Do you ever sit around and wonder why you are still single? If you are over the age of thirty, this might feel like it is a bad thing for you and in some areas in the world, that is true. People in different countries often feel that they are cursed if they are single and when they are lucky enough to find someone to marry, they become blessed.

In some countries, people get married at a very young age. People all over the world have different cultural differences than we do.

People in America are often unmarried. As a matter of fact, our people that are unmarried in the United States is the biggest unmarried generation in the history of the world.

There could be a number of reasons that people choose to not get married and because the divorce rate is so high, people often end up single. It is hard to find the perfect love and to deal with the distractions in our lives sometimes, leaving many people still single.

No matter what the reason is, people want to have intimate relationships with others, and they want to connect.  If you don’t want to be single, you have to be willing to put yourself out in the dating scene and then you still never know what might happen.

If you are trying to date someone and stop being single, you might end up confused as to why things aren’t working, and it might make you feel sad or that life is not fair.

You feel that you are not lucky in love and that you are going to have to learn to embrace the idea that you are single instead of worrying about missing things in life. You are someone that is interesting and would be a perfect catch but that doesn’t always mean finding someone.

If you have done everything that you can to meet someone and you are still single, you have to figure out why.

Maybe you have been in relationships before where the trust was broken. This could have led you to a life of feeling heartbroken and angry. Maybe you feel that love comes easy for others but that the failures that you have had in the past have held you back.

If you feel that you have nothing good in your life and you feel feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness, you have to get over these painful feelings.

Even if you have failed, and we all know that failure is painful, you have to learn to get up and experience new things. Failure is meant to teach you things and help you to experience things in your life.

Failure is only bad when you feel that it defines who you are and make you have a false sense of security and beliefs about yourself.

When you are trying to figure out why you are still single, you might feel that you have to break through obstacles that you cannot change.

When you try to find answers, you might come up with these conclusions such as:

  • There are no good people out there to date.
  • We are not good enough to date someone great.
  • The good ones already have partners.
  • Men don’t like women that are successful.
  • Women just want to take their money.
  • I am too old and there is no time left in my life.
  • My past is too painful and too many people have hurt me.
  • The only nice people that are single are ugly.

The list can go on forever but at some point, you have to get to the conclusion that you just haven’t found the right person. You have to stop blaming your thoughts, your job and your ideas and learn what is really holding you back.

Maybe you have dealt with a lot of fake people and it makes you question if you want to deal with that again. All of these things are known but they don’t give you the answer as to why you are still single.

They make you feel that you are missing out on finding the right relationship in your life. The truth is the problem is an internal and not external problem. Stop thinking about all of the things that are holding you back and stop avoiding the idea of pain and learn to focus on yourself. Stop avoiding who you are and focus on why being single makes you feel so bad.

Being single is not bad and you can have peace that you are able to take care of things in your life. You can have peace that you are good enough and not let your insecurities keep you held back.

Surrender to yourself and this doesn’t mean to give up, it just means to stop fighting and start putting positive things in the universe.

If you want to know why you are still single, here are some things that might be holding you back:

Holding on to Resentments

If you still have hurt or resentments in your life from your past, you have to let go of these things. If your boyfriend cheated on you and you were resentful, chances are you still have those feelings.

You have to learn to understand what went wrong in your life and instead of being upset about it, look at it that people are just human.

Look and figure out why you are upset and what you can do to move forward.

Old Agreements

Another problem in why you are single has to do with agreements you have made in the past that have limited you. Your agreements that you made with yourself have caused you to take certain actions and you have done this for your whole life.

Maybe you are waiting on your soulmate or you think you will always be cheated on and so you refused to give your heart to someone else. Maybe you keep thinking the same thing will happen over and over again.

Make a list of all the things that you have made agreements with and then get rid of them. Figure out the root of your problems and if it no longer serves you to feel this way, get rid of it. Be safe and cautious about yourself and what you have agreed with in your life.

Turn It Inside Out

If you still wonder why you are single and you are not answer the question, you need to look on the inside of yourself. You need to see if you have any red flags that are holding you back.

Change yourself and your thinking and stop being ignorant about what is going on around you. The reason that we are attracted to finding potential is because it allows us to show the world that we are good enough.

Having potential is not sexy but it can send signals that you are too good to be in a relationship. Some people are blind by ambition and if you are in a current relationship and you have been giving away your feelings of worthiness, turn that around. Set new boundaries.

Learn to love yourself and you will attract someone that loves you. Find good quality relationships that make you feel loved and respected by everyone you meet.

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