Enduring Relationship

10 Techniques for an Enduring Relationship

Relationships stem from humanity desire for love and understanding.  To maintain a healthy connection, a relationship requires rules.  All couples will face some hurdles that will test the relationship, and together you must work to overcome your differences of opinion.  With commitment to work as a team, sincere effort, and transparent dialog you can build love that will last.  If you are struggling with establishing healthy boundaries, consider implementing some or all of the ten tips listed below.

Part 1:  Emotional guidelines

  1. Mutual respect

The foundation of any healthy union is respect.  This includes respecting each other’s time, heart, character, and interests.  It is important that you trust to receive the same degree of respect back.  Avoid acts like name-calling, checking each other’s phone/computer, and giving ultimatums.  These will only serve to erode your feelings of trust and respect.

  1. Speak up

Communication is essential to maintain happiness, peace and fulfillment in relationships.  Unfortunately, it can be tough to share how one feels.  Work to vocalize your mutual love, feelings, and offer frequent compliments.  Likewise, discuss the difficulties as soon as possible to solve misunderstandings and to grow your problem-solving skills.

  1. Appreciate each other

This is especially true of couples that have been together for a while.  When you show admiration and gratitude it helps to convey a sense of genuine interest and boost each other’s confidence levels.  Showering each other with love is a easy way to keep a relationship healthy.

  1. Quit comparing

With the onslaught of social media, it is too easy to make comparisons.  However, the act of comparing end up damaging our sense of self thanks to a wounded ego. Strong and happy couples know it’s best to focus on their dynamic only.  Fight and setbacks will inevitably happen, but by focusing on their unique needs they can weather any storm together.  They also know what may be a strength in their dynamic could be a challenge for another and vice versa.

  1. Honesty

Strong and connected relationships have a foundation of honesty.  You don’t have to share all the details like if you don’t like your partner’s fashion choice, but sharing perceptions about feelings, thoughts, and opinions share each other that you truly care about each other’s perspective.  Honesty is the basis for mutual trust and respect between partners.

  1. Show up

You need to put in sincere effort and hard work to make any relationship thrive.  This work will be a blend of small and big actions that together will produce impactful results.  Consider a few extra ways you can be more present in your partner’s life and follow-through on those thoughts.

Part 2:  Physical boundary setting

  1. Maintain your bond

In the honeymoon phase of love, we crave spending time with our partner.  Over time you have realized what is quality versus quality of time with each other.  To keep your spark alive, focus on doing activities that bring your closer together.  Consider date nights with great conversation, take a daytrip to a discover a new picnic or hiking spot, play games with other couples, or take that long overdue vacation together.

  1. Healthy sex life

Treat sex like the hot fudge on your ice cream sundae.  Learn about your partner’s sexual needs, wants, and fantasies.  Be willing to explore new bedroom adventures together.  Sex has been proven to strengthen a couple’s bond.  Work to promote levels of feeling physically and mentally connected to one another to ensure your love lasts.

  1. Be playful

Love should not always feel heavy and strenuous.  Keeping a sense of play or whimsy helps to release any hidden tension and allow your both to embrace your authentic selves.

  1. Carve out alone time

Healthy couples know that they each need solo time to recharge their batteries.  This is not because each gets sick of each other.  What time apart does it to help you explore personal passions and interests.  It also gives you both new material to discuss when you get back together and makes date nights more interesting.

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