Manifesting Love

Six Steps to Manifesting Love in Your Life

People have been seeking out quick fixes to their love lives forever. Many who are well into adulthood seek answers to figure out why they are still single. Many women start going through a desperation stage between ages 26 to 33, which most coin as their biological clock ticking.

Wanting to love and be loved is more than biology. It’s a deep need that has been around ever since humans were corrected. Some say it goes back to the story of Adam, who was lonely because he saw all the animals pairing together and knew he was the only one of his kind.

A lot of talk about manifestation has some people believing it’s the magic pill to find love. It is not. True manifestation is as much working on yourself as it is believing you will find love. That’s why more need to understand it and how to truly manifest love.

The Idea of Manifestation

Manifestation is as practical as it is spiritual and discussing the logic of it helps people when dealing with love. You get what you attract. That’s the basis of manifestation. How do you attract love is the question?

You attract love by projecting love. Loving yourself and others will attract people to you who want to love you. Think about it. Who do you like to hang around? Why do you enjoy them? It is probably because they are positive and happy. They make you feel better.

Those who are unfortunate enough to have a circle of negative friends have another problem. All that negativity is affecting your ability to project love. It is a block.

Blocks to Love

There are unconscious blocks we put in our paths to love. Blocks are attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors that create a type of self-fulling prophecy about love. In effect, you are manifesting a loveless life with your own beliefs and actions.

For instance, those who repeatedly tell themselves there aren’t any worthy men out there who will love them send out vibes that men unconsciously pick up on. They sense the hostility even if you don’t express it. Plus, women who think this way probably aren’t opening themselves up to dating opportunities either.

Women who think they must do it all themselves and not depend on anyone else are also setting up a block against love. Love is, after all, being able to trust and depend on someone else.

Men who think women just want money from them aren’t likely to find a genuine love interest because their attitude draws only women who concentrate on money. When you think about it, men who believe this tend to flaunt the money to get dates which then confirms their belief.

If you are having trouble with love, you likely are blocking it with your attitudes or behavior.

Steps to Manifest Love

You can do six things to start manifesting love today. It may take a few months to come into your life but it will come.

  1. Identify your blocks.

It’s time to sit down with yourself and ask what your responsibility is regarding your singleness. What have you done that has caused you to remain alone? It’s time to dig deep and fix these issues.

You will have different types of inner work to do depending on your blocks. It may be self-love or dealing with abandonment issues. It could be materialism or a fear of intimacy. List some ways to overcome these issues and seek help when you need it.

  1. Learn to be content.

Being content with who you are and where you are in life is key to manifesting love. New love isn’t meant to complete you but to add to your already fulfilling life. People are attracted to those who are happy with themselves. After all, no one wants to enter a relationship knowing they have the responsibility to make someone else happy. That is way too much pressure. It is also unfair to the other person.

You are responsible for your happiness. List some things that would make you happy besides finding love. Is there a class you always wanted to take? Something you always wanted to do?

  1. Don’t put things off.

Many people, both men and women, tend to put off life phases, dreams, and desires until they find “the one.” They have it in their minds that you are supposed to be married to buy a house, go on an exotic trip, or raise children.

The problem with that mindset is that puts pressure on finding love and getting married. In your mind, you must make that happen to have any of these other things. Then, the following feeling is that you’re angry you haven’t found love because it is holding up your life on doing these other things.

That turns into resentment and that, in a vicious cycle, prevents you from finding love.

Do the other things. Buy that house and set up a home. Go on the trip with friends or with a travel group. Adopt or become a foster parent. Don’t put off your other dreams waiting for your mate. You will find that potential mates will be drawn to you because you have it together.

  1. Spread love.

One sure way to manifest love is to spread love. You do that by doing things for others. Volunteering is a great way to get your mind off yourself and find contentment. You will always gain more than you can ever give when you volunteer. It will also get you out and meet like-minded people who are also in a loving spirit.

  1. Concentrate on being open to love.

Many people of religious faith pray to find a mate. They do this fervently as they want to get married. Other people may meditate on their desires. I would strongly suggest that you don’t think about finding love specifically but instead focus on being open to love.

Knowing what you want is good and you should list that. You should say it aloud. However, we can get so hyperfocused on exactly what we want that we close ourselves off to all other possibilities. Learning to be open to love will bring someone into your life that may not fit your checklist but is exactly what you need.

Then, you will discover it also fulfills what your heart wants beyond a checklist.

  1. Prepare yourself for love.

One thing people don’t do enough of is preparing themselves for love while they are waiting. That means you should change some habits, maybe improve yourself, and become the person you see yourself being when you are married.

People have two versions of themselves. They see themselves as they are single and someone completely different married. Marriage isn’t a magic pill that suddenly makes you stable and responsible. It’s the stable and responsible people who get married.

Those who are seeking love should become more of what they want in another person. Eat some home-cooked meals at a table. Keep your home or apartment tidy. Take out the trash regularly. Tone down the partying and opt for a quiet night at home. Pay your bills on time. Set up more of a routine.

All of these things tend to happen over time after marriage but that can be a hard switch for some people. Learn to do it now. You’ll show the universe just how serious you are about a commitment and that you believe it will happen. It’s a bit of acting in faith.


Finding love doesn’t have to be complicated. Humans make it complicated. It’s really about finding someone you care about and can grow to love and who also wants to love you in return. Reducing the pressure on yourself will lead you to love. That is how you manifest it.

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