Psychology of Men and Love

The Psychology of Men and Love

Men and women are completely different when it comes to how they behave and especially in love. No matter what you are told, there is a difference between the way that men and women behave. It is important to know that when you look at the different genders that you understand how they fall in love.

The Catcher

The catcher or the hook is what gets a man to notice a woman. This is what makes him want to get past looks and find out what she is all about. This doesn’t mean that a man will only look at women that is a model, but men will look at what they are attracted to.

Men are at first normally attracted to something and it can be other than looks like the way that she laughs or the way that she works hard. There are ways that men will see women as attractive beyond how they look but sometimes the look is what initially attracts them.


Humans want to reproduce. This can be a positive and negative thing that causes people to act a certain way. Some men will use this trait to use women and they might want to sleep with many different women to help them get what they want.

Other men will want to get into long term relationships, and they will flirt and text and do what they can to find the one. Once a man has decided to fall in love with one person, he will want to court her.


In this part of the relationship, men and women are in the place to fall in love with each other. Men and women will take time to get to know this person and they will find out the hobbies and likes and if they have a real connection.

Falling in Love

It is at this point that a man will know if he likes a woman or not. He will see that he is interested beyond just her looks and he will either choose to make the next step or he will walk away. Some men will see if they have enough love and trust for a woman in order to take the next step.

This is the time where men and women have to open up to communication and be ready to fully commit. This can happen without it being a dramatic change, but it will be permanent.


After he decides he loves her then he will decide that he will tell her that he loves her. This will happen when they are drinking coffee together or when they are traveling together. He has to reaffirm that he loves her by the way that he acts.

Being in Love

The whole process of falling love will happen from the hook and throughout the time that you are dating and getting to know each other. When you fall in love, it will continue throughout the life of the relationship.

Falling in love and staying in love will be a great experience but it can also be a hard experience. Some people will have struggles in their relationship and if you do and you want to stay together, you may have to get counseling together. Relationship problems do happen and if you face them then you need to seek couple therapy to work thorough any problems.

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