Loving Someone Else without Loving You

Loving Someone Else without Loving You

Some believe that you can’t love others unless you love yourself just like you won’t understand forgiving someone unless you forgive yourself. The truth is that you can love and forgive other people even if you have a hard time with who you are. It might be hard at first, but you can do this no matter what is going on in your own self.

It is easier to love and forgive others than it is to forgive and love yourself. You care about other people, and you love them before even who you are and what you feel about yourself. The rules that tell you that this is impossible are the same rules that make you not want to try to be ready to have love for others.

You don’t have to fix who you are or what you want in order to love someone and to care about them. Everyone has the opportunity to love and grow and you get these opportunities when it comes to having family and friends in your life. You might even be someone that has lovers that are part of who you are.

As you love and forgive and accept others, you learn to care about them, and you are able to do this regardless of what others say.

Having Connections

Human beings want to connect with other people. The more you learn about who you are the more you can connect with others. As you learn to connect with others, you open up your own heart and mind to connecting with yourself. This allows you to heal.

There are many times that you will love someone even when you don’t feel like you can love yourself. This can help you to realize that you can be loved as well and so you have to keep pushing forward when it comes to love and forgiveness.

Needing One Another

We all need to have connection. Self-love and forgiveness is very important, but you will get to the point where you are loving yourself more and more. You will see that there is a meaningful life in front of you and that you are able to love who you are. Once you do this better, you might find that you love others even more. This doesn’t mean that you have to take any steps to love someone first, because you don’t.

Love Is Around You

Love is around you everywhere. Love is one of the biggest feelings that you can have for people. You can have this with family members, and you can have this with friends. You can have this when you are depressed and when life is hard.

How Does Love Work?

Love doesn’t fit into any rules. Stop making rules up about what love is and how it works. You are always there to give and to get love from and for others. You can always better yourself and work to be a better human along the way.

Pay attention to the things that you read and listen to what your intuition tells you. If your gut tells you that you can love someone, do it. Don’t let love hold you back just because you struggle with who you are.

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