Why Good Guys are Overrated

Why Good Guys are Overrated

People know nice guys, but it seems like most nice guys finish life last. They will show you that they are there when they feel threatened, and they will show you that they are who they are.

Nice Guys

Men will often tell people that they are nice when they respond to being accused of some kind of sexual situation. They believe that by saying they are nice that people will believe it and will not blame them.

If someone tells you they are a nice guy, it doesn’t make them nice.

Bad Behavior

Men that say they are nice guys are not allowed to have bad behavior. Just because you say you are nice and you do something that is not decent, it doesn’t make you nice.

Stop putting people in situations where they expect you to be kind and nice, but you are choosing to have other behavior without excuse.

Not a Name

Nice guy is not a name or a label for someone. This is someone that is kind and loving. Just because someone tells you that they are nice, being nice means that you are kind, loving and caring.

Being nice does not mean you have a bad attitude or that you are hurtful to others.

Talking About It

Guys that are nice do not have to tell others that they are nice because their actions show it. They will show their niceness and they will be kind and caring to others.

Men that think that the world owes them something and should tell them that they are nice are not really that nice.

People that are nice don’t feel that they have to hear it, but they will just act it.

Ulterior Motives

When someone tells you that they are a nice guy, chances are that they have different motives. They will often claim to be loving and kind, but they will do things that show who they are.

Nice guys will have a bad reputation for being nice because they want to get what they want like getting in bed with you.

Why Do People Care About Nice Guys?

Men will say that they are nice guys because they want to have more form someone. They have the idea that if someone thinks that they are nice, they can do what they want and act how they want, and people will not realize it.

This is something that many “nice guys” do.

Do Better

Something better than a nice guy is someone that is kind and compassionate. Being kind means that you have no other motives but to be good to people. You don’t push someone to have sex that doesn’t want to, and you care about what other people feel and think.

Someone that is kind will come to you and they will show kindness to everyone. They will make good decisions and they will be loving.

Some women want to be with bad guys, but the truth is that you will not want to be with someone that is mean to you. You want someone that is nice and caring.

Mature women will want to be serious with someone that is kind and loving. They want to be with guys that care to go the distance.

Stop worrying about guys that are claiming to be nice guys and figure out if they are kind, loving and compassionate. Be with someone that is really a great guy.

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