Sex Retreat

Going on a Retreat, A Sex Retreat

A sex retreat is a place that couples can go to so that they can connect with each other sexually. This allows you and your partner to have a weekend with a sex therapist so that you can focus on impacting your sex life for the positive. If you have problems with sexual intimacy, this is a retreat that can help you by giving you couples therapy and individual therapy.

What Happens on a Sex Retreat?

A sex retreat allows you to bond with your partner and helps you to have more sexual interest in each other. This is for your mental and your physical health and you can find out things about what is going on in your relationship. Here are some questions that might be asked:

  • What isn’t working in the sexual area?
  • Are there any traumas or phobias that are affecting our intimacy?
  • What can help to increase sexual energy in the home?
  • Do we show affection naturally or is it forced?
  • Are we close as friends but not as lovers?
  • Do we try to avoid conflict?
  • Do we try to keep the peace?
  • Are we intimate or do we refuse this intimacy?

Couples and Divorce

There are some couples that end up getting divorced because they don’t have the sex that they need or want. This is a retreat that is meant to be a safe place that allows the couples to open up about their thoughts, emotions and their sex life.

If couples need to focus on what is going on in their bedroom, this retreat can help. Couples can navigate through their marriage and find out what is causing them to miss out on the intimacy that is needed in their marriage.

Problems in Relationships

There are problems that couples face in their relationship and sometimes this can be sexually related When you need to be in a place that is calm and collected, this retreat can help you to reach your intimacy goals.

Take Time to Connect

It is important for couples to connect, and this retreat allows couples to be open and to be willing to try new things. Everyone is on a journey and this kind of interaction can get couples on the same page.

This allows couples to talk about sex so that they can have a better sexual life. This is something that can even be proven by science and so it can really help.

Making Sex Fun

Sex should be fun for couples but when there are sexual problems, this can cause there to be issues. The work allows couples to open up and share things that might have to do with the lack of intimacy. This will be unique for each couple.

There are times that passion can fade but couples can continue to enjoy sex into their 90’s. You have to just learn how to be more affectionate with each other and know that intimacy is more than just sex.

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