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Is “Love You” and “I Love You,” Different?

Most men and woman that have been dating know that there is a real difference between someone saying, “I love you” and “love you.” You might even find that right now you are dating someone that will just quickly say “love you” and you wonder if it means anything about you.

Difference Between “Love You” and “I Love You”

Some people often believe that when you take the “I” off of “I love you” that you are doing something that is wrong. Some believe that this means that you are not committed to the relationship and that you really do not love your partner.

There is no reason why some people choose to leave the “I” off and why some do. But, since this is something that people often struggle with, here are some possible reasons that people do this:

Less Formality

Some people will think that this happens because they are fewer formal people. They might be someone that dresses casually and they are more relaxed than other people.

A person that loves their partner and values their relationship might be more relaxed and just say something simple like, “love you.”

They Say Little

Sometimes people do not talk as much as others. Even though communication is important, people have different styles. When someone texts, they will often use abbreviations in order to say what they are wanting to say, and it is really about what they prefer.

Who They Are

Sometimes people are just who they are, and they are not trying to mess up the way that they show love to someone. They sometimes just express themselves that way.

This can be just who the person is and not the quality of their love.


On the other hand, some people might say “love you” because they don’t want to commit to the relationship.


Sometimes some people are afraid of saying “I love you” and they might say, “love you” to try out how tit sounds. Others might do it because they aren’t sure where they stand in the relationship yet.

Denying It

Another thing that could be happening is that they might say “love you” not to really mean anything. They are saying it and if they choose to not mean it later then they can take it back.

Wanting to Please You

A person that just says “love you” might just be saying it to make you happy. They might want to please you and will say those words so that you can feel happy.

This can be someone that is like a salesperson that gets someone ready to buy something. It can make the relationship softer.


People often say things because they have a habit of doing it. They like how it makes them feel and they are trying to flatter you. This can be a way that someone talks on a daily basis to others.

Lower Emotional Intelligence Quotient

A person that says “love you” might have a lower emotional intelligence quotient which means that they have a hard time saying the “love” word. They might say “love you” so that they can deny or distance themselves from the actual love.

They Mean Nothing by It

Sometimes when you are trying to find out why people are doing something a certain way, it can be many different things that cause it. You have to figure out who the person is and what is normal for them.

People are different depending on where they grew up and who they learned from. Some people will act a certain way because of how they lived their life. This doesn’t mean that they love you or that they don’t love you and it is up to you to figure that out.

You can tell if someone loves you by their actions and so it is important to make sure that you aren’t judging someone just based on how they say, “I love you.” Once you judge them, it can end the relationship fast and cause you to lose out on something that was actually good.

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