Karmic Relationship

What is a Karmic Relationship and What Are the Signs?

Do you ever wonder why your relationships are so hard or why you are in relationships that you never understand? If you have been with someone and you don’t think that they are your soulmate, but your connection is strong, this can be a sign of a karmic relationship.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

When you are in a karmic relationship it is a relationship that is meant to teach you a life lesson. This kind of relationship is going to be a partner that is similar to a soulmate but not.

You will be connected to this person and you will be in a relationship that is different than both a soulmate and a twin flame, but they will overlap at times. You will have love that is there but there will also be a lot of pain.

A karmic relationship is an agreement that you have made with this person and their soul before you even got to this lifetime. This means that at some point in one of your lives, you will meet with them again and you will finish resolving issues that you had in the past. This is the way that you can heal.

Karmic relationships will be there to teach you lessons and to guide you. It will help your soul to grow and you to be the best that you can be. These kinds of relationships do not normally last forever and when your karma is cleared, it will likely end.

Here are some signs of being in a karmic relationship:

Instant Connection

You will meet this person and you will have an instant connection with them. It will feel like you have known them forever. You will get a good feeling about them, but you will become very attached.


This kind of relationship is not easy, and it will be full of drama.  They might cheat on you or they will give you red flags that things are not right.

Frustrating You

This person will come along, and they will frustrate you and make you angry. This isn’t about being in the perfect life together but about you growing.

Hard to Be Around

The person you are with might make it hard for you to be around them. They will not be kind always and you will still want to keep them.

Addicting to You

You will feel addicted to them and you will want to be around them.

Not Able to Communicate

This person will make it hard to talk to them. You will never really be on the same page and you will have to work hard for healing.

Ups and Downs

This will be a relationship with lots of ups and downs. Things can be great one day and terrible the next.


They will show you patterns over and over again, and the ups and downs will continue along with other things that show you that you need to learn a lesson.


You will become codependent on them, and this is a big sign of a karmic relationship. You will want to give them all of your energy.


This person will bring out all the fears that you have, and you will never be able to feel the best in this relationship.

Worst in You

Not only will they bring out your fears, but they will also bring out your worst. Sometimes it might get so bad you don’t even know who you are.

They Wear You Out

All of the ups and downs in the relationship will make you tired. You will lose your energy on this person and they will make you emotional.

You Cannot Let Them Go

No matter how bad they treat you, you want them to be with you and you have a hard time being with them.

They Don’t Last

This relationship will be one that doesn’t seem to last. Once you work through your problems, you will move on.

Toxic Relationship

A karmic relationship will often turn toxic, and this can come with hard lessons that you have to learn. You have to get over your issues and be able to resolve things so that the relationship can be over.

If you find that you are in an abusive relationship, you need to move on and learn to love yourself and care for yourself.

Having self-love is important because it creates a healthy atmosphere and can help you to have clear and balanced goals.

Soulmates and Twin Flames

Soulmates and twin flames are different because a soulmate is there to teach you lessons and to change your heart, but your twin flame is the other part of your soul and they are there forever.

No matter how you look at it, you have to make sure that if you are in a toxic relationship that you move on. You deserve love that will last and will make you happy.

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