Make Them Think About You

Make Them Think About You!

It can be exciting to know that your partner is thinking about you and that you are always on their mind. But what about when you’re not around anymore? You might do things such as not texting someone back or pretend to be unavailable because you want people to think about you when you aren’t around. If you really want someone to think about you, there are things that you can do to keep you at the forefront.

One of the best ways to make someone think about you is that you leave a lasting impression. This is something they won’t be able to think about and they will miss about you. Even if you just met the person or you dated them for a long time, there are things that you can do to get them to think about you constantly even if you’re not there.

Talk to a Friend About Them

If you like someone and they haven’t asked you out, one thing that you can do is to talk to a mutual friend about them. Tell the friend that you might have a crush on them and see if it gets back to them. Plant the seed with your friend and see if they find out.

  • Be Positive

Another thing that you can do to have someone think about you is to be positive. Make sure when you talk to each other that you are always leaving with something positive in the conversation. This allows them to miss you and to miss your time together.

  • Make Them Laugh

Text this person and make them laugh even when you’re not together. Laughter is one way that someone will always think about you. Make some inside jokes that you can enjoy together.

  • Hide Notes

If you want someone to think about you more, hide notes around the house or in their car that will make them think about you. This can be sexy notes or something that you want to say that is thoughtful. If you have to, send a text but a written note is more personal.

  • Be Caring and Thoughtful

You can be caring and thoughtful with someone that you care about. Do this by helping out. If you live with your partner, do their part of the chores. If you don’t, send them something for lunch or do something that makes them feel loved and appreciated.

  • Wear a Certain Scent

Scents are very powerful and can leave people having long-term memories. If you have a distinct scent that you wear, remind your partner about you by leaving your scent behind. This might mean spraying your perfume on their pillow or leaving a piece of clothing at their house that has your scent.

  • Set a Song About Them

Set a song about the person that you care about and tell them how the song reminds you of them. Then when the song plays you will be on their mind. This is a way that you can trigger and program someone to think of you. The brain is interesting, and it likes to do things that keep things fun and exciting.

Final Thoughts

Getting someone to think about you when you’re not there isn’t manipulation or anything rude, but it can be good things. Find things that you can do to make someone think about you such as something fun or something sweet. This will help them to keep you on their mind all day long.

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