My Manifesto

My name is Willow Rourke, the founder and owner of This is my manifesto.

What I Love

Glimmering moonlight.

Private practice and public precision.

The inexplicable relational tensions that arise among choices, desires, and behaviors.

What I Believe

Nothing about the future is craven in stone.

Every choice has a myriad of possible outcomes.

Sometimes, the right choice feels impossibly vague.

What I’ve Learned

Chores get done quicker and more efficiently with a ’90s grunge band soundtrack.

When you actually achieve what you set out to achieve, it’s like the cosmos slapped you a high five to confirm your choices.

The best friends are content, healthy, loveable, and more than just a little bit silly.

I have a surprisingly high tolerance for caffiene. But rest assured, I will only use that power for good.

You’ve suffered. I have, too. So I can help you live up to your full potential and carry forward with courage and confidence. I’d really appreciate the opportunity!

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