Spending Time with Your New Love

Dating someone new can be exciting and you will feel that you’ve finally found the person of your dreams. You feel that you have a real connection with them, and you are spending so much time with them that you are on top of the world. You might wonder how much time you should really be spending with your new love.

When it comes to spending time with someone that you have just met, showing interest and the frequency of your time with them does matter and can affect the relationship. To start, you want to make sure that you aren’t ghosting your new love but at the same time you shouldn’t be smothering them with your time either. You need to make sure that you are dating in a way that is comfortable for both of you.

When you begin to date someone new, you should decide what kind of relationship that you’re going to have with them. Are you going to be committed to them or are you looking for someone to just date casually? Maybe you don’t want to settle or maybe you want to settle in the next few months. Write down what you want so that you can look at your relationship.

Seeing someone should be based on your intentions. If you are going to commit to them then you should take your time and go slower. You don’t want to rush things. If you don’t want to commit to them though, you need to see them more often.

Women will feel that you don’t care about them if you don’t want to see them often and if you are seeing them often and then you start going slow, they might be confused, and this can keep the relationship at bay.

Remember, there are two of you that are dating, and you need to be clear about what you want and what your intentions are. This will set a stage of honesty in the relationship, and this can impact how you pace the amount of time you are with them.

Sometimes meeting new people should keep happening when you just start dating someone in case it doesn’t work out. This of course can stop some of the pressure that you have in the relationship and let it not be that weird. You can do this until you are ready to commit to them but just be honest.

Casual Dating

Casual dating is more than friends with benefits and there are more emotions when it comes to it. It isn’t just about sex. You might find the person you’re dating attractive but still not be sure if you want to be serious with them. Or, if you have a hard time with commitment, you might not want to be exclusive.

Dating someone casually shouldn’t be a game and you shouldn’t make her wonder if you’re coming around or not. She shouldn’t have to always wonder if you are going to meet up with her. Don’t go too far with that and don’t date her every day either or she might think you’re too clingy.

The best way is to meet up about three times a week. This will help you to not make her feel that you are clingy, but you will show her that you’re interested in her. This will allow the relationship to move at a good pace. Once you know each other and you want to meet up more, do it. Then you can decide to decrease or increase the amount of time you meet up.

Seeing Your “GIRLFRIEND”

This is a different idea than dating casually. When you are with someone long enough to make them your girlfriend then you should be serious. If you have dated for weeks or months, your attention should be on her. You should do what it takes to keep the spark alive.

Seeing them about four times a week is not too much and if you’ve been with her for a year or two you might want to make plans to move in together. This will mean that you will see each other each day.

If you’re feeling that things are going too fast then take breaks. Talk about what you need out of the relationship and if you need to slow down, do it. If you want to be with her long-term then you should be considering marriage.

If she doesn’t want to see you as much as you do her, that is okay, take things slower or she might end up leaving you. To know what you want, learn to communicate better with each other.

How Long Should You See Each Other?

How often you see someone that you’re dating should depend on different things. You need to make sure that you have trust, respect and that you feel secure in your relationship, to name a few. There are no certain amounts of time that you should spend with someone, and this should be something that you decide together.

You shouldn’t rush into love but if you see that you’re going to be committed, pace yourself and figure out how often you want to be with each other.

  • Don’t Move Too Fast

Some people move too fast when it comes to dating and spending time together. Moving too fast can cause you to have attachment issues and to be codependent on each other. Here is what can happen if you move too fast:

  • You Idealize the Relationship

You might have an idea just on what you want when it comes to love. Make sure that you are present with the person that you’re spending time with and if you are thinking of a future together, make sure you’re ready to commit.

  • Rebounding

Don’t date someone just because you just broke up with your partner. This is a rebound relationship and if you’re just trying to fill a void then this will end badly.

  • Communicating Too Much

There is a way to communicate too much with someone. This means that you’re oversharing things or texting too much. Keep things a surprise and keep the dating time exciting by not being too present.

  • Moving Too Slow

Another thing you should consider is not moving fast enough. If you’re moving too slow in the relationship, then you will cause her to not think that you like her. You might need breaks but that doesn’t mean that you take huge breaks in between each date.

Communicate the issues that you’re having with this person or find out why one or both of you are emotionally unavailable. Here are some things to do to keep the relationship strong:

    • Realize that no one is perfect.
    • Be present with the person that you’re dating.
    • Know that it is your responsibility to commit.

You can take as much time as you want as long as you are not doing it because you’re afraid or because you don’t feel like you can connect.

  • Being Intentional

Make sure that when you are dating someone that you’re being intentional. Here are some ways to find out if she is on the same dating page as you:

    • If she says she is busy, and you haven’t seen each other in a long time she is probably leaving the relationship.
    • If you’ve been busy but you really like her then you will have to put in the effort.
    • Know that quality time is more important than how much you’re together.
    • Accept personal boundaries.
    • Feel out how often you should spend time together.
  • Pacing in the Relationship

It is okay to pace your dating time when being in a new relationship. You can change how often you see each other by communicating and by deciding how often is enough or how much is too much. Make sure that you are both on the same page. You will figure this out as you experience life, and you experience your new relationship.

Make sure that you keep your relationship lasting by pacing yourself in the way that is the most positive for both of you.

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