Ghosted by Someone You Love

What Happens When You Are Being Ghosted by Someone You Love?

Being close to people can cause you to make a strong connection with them, leaving you feeling vulnerable and giving your heart to them. As you feel deeply, you will see that the relationship will become important to you. Then, if out of nowhere, that connection disappears and your friend or your lover doesn’t tell you why, it causes you to lose hope and to feel hurt and confused. When this happens, it feels that you have lost something, and you weren’t even allowed to have closure. Why would you feel so close to someone just for them to hurt you and leave you, without an explanation?

When you are dating someone and you learn to create new connections, you see that the losses that you have had in the past cause you to have more value with the new people that you meet. You have different choices and options and the people that you choose to let into your life are those that have the same kinds of values as you. They are someone that you choose to give your heart to. They add value into your life. This can be many people that you let in and because of your values, you keep your circle small but when you decide to not worry about values, this causes the relationship to mean less than it should.

Once you start being around people that you don’t hold worthy, they become people that know that they can find someone new to connect with. That is how things can change and how someone that you connect with can affect you. You can be with someone completely and give them all of your time and energy just to find that they walk away.

Being someone that will just walk away from a relationship means that you are someone that doesn’t take social responsibilities seriously. When you walk away from someone and it hurts you, you will see that your actions reflect your character. If you were with someone and you weren’t honest, it could cause people to want to walk away from you and if you are kind and loving and someone walks away from you, your life will change. You have to know that you are not in control of someone and how they choose to stay or walk away, and it isn’t always based on your actions.

The feelings that you have now and if you have had someone that walked away from your life without allowing you to have closure might have left you wondering what has happened and why things wen the way that they did. This can be intense because they didn’t take responsibility for how they treated you and they didn’t show that they cared that their actions broke your heart.

No one wants to be with someone that will break their heart, and no one wants to be with someone that will be with them only while they keep their options open and someone that is not serious in the relationship. This kind of relationship would be hard to have, and it would take a lot of courage for someone to stay in this kind of relationship.

People avoid these kinds of things in their life and even though they know that people deserve honesty, it is sometimes easier to walk away without giving closure because they don’t want to see that person hurt. They believe if they just walk away that it will help them to feel better and that it will get their point across without having to face the connection that they hurt.

If you have to deal with this in your life, it can be hard. If you have cared for someone and you had feelings for them, you will see that this situation can be hurtful. You may have thought that you met someone that loved you, someone that thought you were beautiful, and you gave them your heart. You gave them everything in you only to have them leave you confused and hurting. This is a sad and uncomfortable situation, and we all want to know and understand why things come to an end. We want to understand losses in our life and when we don’t get the answers, we make up our own reasons.

Ghosting is something that can hurt someone. Ghosting means that you walk away without telling the person why. You give yourself closure because you end the relationship, but you leave the other person confused and hurt.

When you do this, you tell yourself a negative story about the relationship and you make it about you. You take your own insecurities, and you look at the other person from this way and you choose to move on even if you cared about them and they cared about you.

If this has happened to you and your heart is broken, you have to know that loving someone is hard. You might even wonder how you could ever love and respect someone again. You wonder if you should ever date again because they left you broken, ashamed and sad and the fact that you gave them everything in you makes it worse.

You realize that they didn’t value you enough to stay and that they wanted to break your heart, or they wanted something different. You wonder if it was your own fault and if you made them miserable. You wondered why your connection was disposable and if you were the reason.

You are hurt and you might not want to date again but the truth is, you can love someone eels. If you are trying to move on from being ghosted, you have to know that you are someone that cares. You don’t ever have to apologize for caring and loving someone. You never have to wonder if you are worthy of being loved. Sometimes it can feel that loving someone is a burden and sometimes you feel that you are a burden because you love so deeply. Do not let life cause you to feel ugly or cause you to feel that you are not worthy because you had your heart broken.

This is something that is hard but when you doubt who you are and you forget the value of love, you might miss out on something. Even when things are dark, you have to remember that you are not the reason that someone chose to hurt you. They had no respect and that does not mean that you don’t deserve people to respect you. When someone isn’t honest with you, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve honesty. You deserve to have the best life, and this isn’t about you. This isn’t about what you did or didn’t do or how you look or what your are. This is about them.

If someone would rather choose to leave you and care only about themselves then they are the ones that do not have honesty and they are the ones that are not taking responsibility for their actions. They would rather hurt you than to be the best that they can be. This is the thing.

You are lucky that you figured out who they were right away before your connection got too deep. It hurts and it is painful but at least you know that you can find someone that is different and that you want something different.

Ghosting is a behavior that causes people to filter you out. This is a behavior that shows us that we deal with people that are hard sometimes. That we put hope into people because we are good but that not everyone is going to be the best people that you can meet.

Sometimes people will hurt you because they don’t know what hurt is. They think that they are unable to handle closure and they don’t take responsibility for their actions. They will not validate you and they will not justify their actions because they don’t know how to be honest with themselves. They show you red flags and they will hurt your connection because they don’t care.

When you are aware of this you become courageous. You will be on a journey where you realize what you want and need and what to avoid. You have to admit that you have made mistakes as well and you have to learn to be kind and loving to others.

When you enter into healing and you learn to forgive yourself and learn to teach yourself what not to be, you will be better, and you will see that you will not hurt others.

You will find compassion in the way that you were treated, and you will see that you can heal and that you can move forward in your life. Give yourself closure and allow yourself to move on. Do not be with people that will hurt you.

You cannot change others and when someone hurts you, you have to learn to take care of your own life and your own heart. Still be compassionate and still be empathic with others. Meet people that treat you right and show you love and friendship that you give. You deserve to be valued and you deserve to be with people that will be kind to you.

You might be still struggling with how someone hurt you and you might be holding on to hope. Keep holding that hope. Let your feelings show and if you are upset, embrace that until you heal. Take time. When you feel your heart starting to heal and you are less sad, remember that you gave the relationship your all and someone did not value you for that. Someone will meet you and they will love and value you the way that you deserve.

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