Building Trusting Relationships

Building Trusting Relationships

Relationships will be strong when the partners can trust and believe in each other.  If there is respect and faithfulness and honesty then it causes the relationship to thrive.

Relationships where there is broken trust cause us to have trust issues and to not believe the relationship to be real.  When trust is broken like promises or affairs then it is a bad situation.

Trust can be broken in an even more subtle way and this is just as hurtful.  If your partner is always saying they will do something and never follows through with their promise or if they are not available to you when you are hurting then it can destroy your trust.

Depending on what the situation is, trust can be rebuilt but it does take time and it doesn’t just happen.  It has to work with both partners to make it work.

Building Trusting RelationshipsRebuilding Trust

In order for there to be a stable relationship, you have to build trust in yourself first.  You need to talk to your inner self and tell yourself when something isn’t feeling right and your needs aren’t being met.

If you can think of a time that trust was broken in any of your relationships, what happened to lead up to that brokenness?  Do you feel something inside and you just ignored it?

Many times people felt betrayed but they ignored their inner self and brushed it away.  There are many people that have been betrayed in finances and their partner is just so charming that it causes them to ignore it.

Other people have had infidelity in their relationships and they knew things were changing but decided to ignore it.

Regardless of the thing that happened, one of the biggest things is that they didn’t trust their own feelings or self enough to meet their needs.

Before you can trust someone else, you have to trust yourself and your inner feelings.  You have to understand when something is wrong for you and use wisdom that comes to your mind to know what your partner is doing or not doing for you.  You have to stop ignoring yourself.

Then and only then can you start to build the trust in your relationship.  When trusting yourself, you will know when someone is lying to you.

Rebuilding Relationship Trust

When a trust has been broken in your relationship, both people need to figure out how to rebuild it.  There are reasons that the betrayal needs to be talked about and fixed.  This is an opportunity for each person to look inside and to try to heal so that the trust can be rebuilt.

Trust can be healed as long as there is hard work.  If you think that you can rebuild trust immediately with a quick sorry then it won’t work.  The reason the betrayal happened has to be addressed and there has to be a commitment to have love and compassion.  Each partner needs to agree to meet the needs of each other so that you can communicate and love each other more deeply.  It is important to listen to yourself and be honest with yourself so that you can have personal integrity.  Use this so that you don’t harm yourself if your partner continues to lie or cheat on you.

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