Being Madly in Love

Being Madly in Love

If you love someone and they love you back, you don’t want to lose that.  Love isn’t a feeling, but it is a behavior and you can stay in love if you want to.

Here are ways that you can stay in love:

Make Them Feel Loved

When you want to stay in love, you have to make sure that you are making your partner feel loved.  Do not let down on this even if you have been in the relationship for a long time.  Don’t let your love pass by your partner.

Make sure that you show them how you love them and talk their love language.  Everyone takes love differently.


Let go of things that are not important and if you need to show physical affection and intimacy, do it.  If it is other things like cleaning the house, do it.  Find out what makes them happy.

People don’t come with rules and instructions and you have to learn your partners love language.  You need to know their personality and learn to pay attention to what they tell you.

Value Them

If you love someone, you will value them.  You will be kind and you will talk to them.  You will try to understand them and learn what makes them who they are.  You also need to give affection and be attuned to them.  Be generous to them and kind.

If you are together with them for a long time, ask them if they are happy.  Let them know you care.


When you love someone, you have to forgive them.  You also have to forgive yourself.  Forgive them when they mess up or when they do something that hurts you or upsets you.

Do not hold grudges over small things they do.


Even though you are with them a long time, flirt with them.  Be romantic and show them how crazy you are. Don’t assume that they don’t want you to do this because they are with you all the time.

Kiss them and talk to them.  Tell them goodbye and give them small gifts.

Protect It

Protect your relationships from external threats.  Don’t let them hang out with guys or girls that will not bring peace to your relationship.  Value who you are with.

Staying Together

Couples that stay together have ways of making things work.  They know when they become disconnected that they have to connect again.  They do this by not blaming others and not arguing with them.  They will understand that their future depends on this and work hard to make things work.

Avoid Communication Problems

You must learn to communicate and do this without criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling.  By doing these things, you will push the relationship over the edge.

In order to stop this, you need to not blame them, you need to appreciate the small things, show thankfulness for your partner, respect them, take responsibility when you are wrong and discuss any type of conflict with your partner.

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