8 Reasons Not to Give Up on Love

8 Reasons Not to Give Up on Love

Anyone who has spent any time single will wonder why love hasn’t come their way yet. Sure, you may have different relationships or date a good bit but they haven’t moved into the serious, committed relationship you want some badly.

You may grow more concerned, and even depressed, as you go to wedding after wedding. Concern may become more prevalent as those couples then invite you to baby showers. You wonder when will it be your turn? The thought crosses your mind that you could be doing something wrong. Then, you think maybe you are just unlovable and not meant for a long-term relationship.

There are reasons to be optimistic about your future and the possibility of love in your life. Below are eight reasons not to give up on love:

  • Age is irrelevant.

Many people, particularly women, put an expiration date on relationships. That is largely related to reproductive years. Really, there is no age limit to find love. People of all ages need and want love.

  • “The One” is a myth.

Logically, if there is only one person in the world meant to be your partner then the world can be thrown in a tizzy if one thing beyond your control changes. For instance, what happens to you if “your one” marries someone else? Also, what happens to “the one” meant for your soulmates spouse? If they marry someone else, what about “the one” left by that union?  If “your one” is tragically killed, your world is destroyed forever. The same goes for “your one” if they die as a child or youth before you even meet them. It would be a messed up world of gigantic proportions.

The truth is there are a number of people you can love forever. You can love instantly and you can grow to love over time. There isn’t one person and isn’t one way to love.

  • You continue to grow.

This is the most positive aspect of waiting on love. You are constantly finding out more about yourself, your long-term goals, priorities and standards. This helps you pick the right person to share all those things over the decades.

  • Your standards are high.

Some people dealing with singleness sometimes start thinking their standards are set too high. While there can be a level where your standards are beyond realistic expectations, most of the time high standards are a good thing. You shouldn’t lower them just to be with someone.

Settling will only make you unhappy and you will live wondering if you could have found someone that meets your standards.

  • You have freedom.

One of the advantages of being single is your time is your own. You can eat what you want, do what you want and go where you want. You don’t have to discuss how to spend your money with anyone.

Yes, marriage is a trade off. There is companionship, love and family but there is also accountability and responsibility to others. Marriage isn’t the end-all to happiness. Enjoy this time as your own.

  • The last ship hasn’t sailed.

This is not the end of your story. This phase of your life isn’t going to last forever. You have a lot of things yet to do. There are many people you will meet over the course of your life. There are plenty of adventures waiting for you in your future.

  • You don’t need another person to complete you.

The idea that you need a partner to fulfill you is a myth. You were born complete. Another person can add to your life, but doesn’t complete you. That would mean you are currently half a person, which is a stupid idea.

  • You create your life.

Some people focus so much on finding love that it limits the life they are living. You and you alone can decide how to make your life better. Create goals for yourself to learn new things, travel to new places and get involved in giving to others. Fulfilling your life will not only make you happier but opens up the possibilities of finding love.

There are some people who never find love in long-term relationships. This shouldn’t be a fearful thing. The worst scenario would be living a live in anticipation and planning on finding a partner and missing out the life you could be living now.

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