Are you falling in love?

Are you falling in love?

How can you tell if are really, truly, falling in love?

1) Your time together is filled with laughter.

Whenever you’re with your partner you laugh all of the time. They make you laugh so hard you almost lose control of yourself. Try as you might, you can’t explain why.  Being playful and romantic is a great sign that you are falling in love.

2) You find yourself saying yes to things that you wouldn’t have in the past.

You have never in your life thought about going to see a heavy metal group, but when your love asks you if you’d like to go with them to see a Metallica tribute band, you are ready to rock! Showing a willingness to try something new to share the interest with a partner is a great sign that you are falling for them.

3) If they are not your “type” yet you find them enchanting.

If they are the complete opposite of who you usually date, yet you can’t take your eyes off of them. You usually date thin wispy musicians, but he’s a tall strong, Bruce Wayne type. You like someone you can look up to, but he’s barely your height.  If you feel an attraction to this person regardless of their  “type” chances are good you are falling in love.

4) If he/she starts to drive you crazy.

If you are beginning to notice their weird quirks; constant tartdiness, benign messiness and it’s starting to wear on you, it may be a sign that you are testing yourself to see if you can live with this when you are ready to settle down.

5) If you find yourself seeking for little things to show that you care

You find yourself leaving little surprises for them or doing little favors so they know you are thinking about them. Extra thoughtfulness should that you are falling in love.

6) You are extra sensitive, literally

You notice the little things about your partner, the smell of their shampoo, the dimple in their chin, the feel of their skin on  yours.  Everything seems to pique your interest. All of your senses seem to be on alert when they are around.

 7) If you are planning your future with them

There is chemical called Oxytocin that is released during intimate contact.  It plays a role in making a couple feel bonded. This chemical makes us feel a sense of trust and security.  This leads to a sense of nesting.

8) Nothing they do grosses you out.

When they are sick, you don’t immediately run for the disinfectant. You are the first one their when they need someone to nurse them to health or hold their hair when they vomit. If you find yourself doing things for them that you wouldn’t for anyone else, you are falling in love.

9) Every love song, story, or poem makes you think of them.

Things that you would find sappy before, such as making a playlist of music for or about them.  You find yourself doing things that normally would have made your roll your eyes.

10) A big sign is if their smile makes your whole day worthwhile.

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