Dealing with unrequited love

Dealing with unrequited love

One of the underlying themes of so many romantic stories in movies, books and music is with one-sided love. These stories may have happy endings, but the process is heart breaking and can cause agony. And those happy endings are only in stories. Most of the time, this one-sided love dissolves because it can not survive on hope alone.  Sometimes people fall in love with a close friend, or fall in love with someone who is in one-sided love with someone else. This creates complications that need careful handling  Loving someone who doesn’t love you need some good advice.

How to Deal with One Sided Love

Don’t assume

Most unrequited love springs from the base of assumption. If you love someone who isn’t in love with you, you may hide your real feelings because you think you will only be rejected. Thus, you keep it to yourself.   If you don’t have to face a lack of reciprocation, you can move on in blissful ignorance.   So if you don’t know where this love is going, ask! Don’t sit around waiting for things to change.  If you are willing to take the chance on love, take it!

Ready to love?

Some can live quite happily without receiving love  back from the one they love.  They love them unconditionally, and are just happy to see them happy.  This is not recommended, because one should love oneself. But some are capable of loving from a distance.  If you are willing to do this, you have to accept that your life has to go on. If you are willing to put aside your expectations and instead be happy for your love, you can continue to love  without being loved back.

Forgive and Forget

Sometimes, people know you love them and they give you ‘positive signals’ even when they don’t love you. There can be many reasons for this. They might feel that they’re being unfair or rude by putting down your feelings frequently or maybe because they don’t understand how to deal with it. Very few people will portray certain feelings to intentionally hurt someone. Instead of taking things to your heart, just forget what has happened. You can forget only when you forgive, so forgive that person you loved. There might be times when you curse yourself for reading all the signs wrongly. Maybe if you would have stopped in time, you wouldn’t have had to go through so much emotional trouble. Forgive yourself for doing this to yourself and move on. Eventually, there is nothing you cannot live through.

Get Your Life Back on Track

To consciously avoid thinking about that person, start going out with friends often. Watch movies, travel, learn a new hobby – do whatever it is that makes and keeps you happy. Keep yourself busy with things and people you like. This way, your attention will remain focused on the positive things in your life. Avoid talking about what has happened with you, while you are with friends and at home. The more you talk about it, the more importance you give it. Ignore everything that makes you think of that person. Eventually, you will get used to NOT thinking about him/her. If someone asks you out on a date, go for it. Start living and regrowing your roots in the present.

If you take this relationship advice for one-sided love in the right spirit, it can do wonders for you. Learning how to deal with unrequited love isn’t very difficult. The difficult part is in the implementation. It is not impossible to let go of someone, but it is always better to do so before you have to. Like Jack Welch said, “change before you have to.” Sometimes, people misunderstand obsession and infatuation for love. Follow the advice mentioned above to forget that person and to do so, happily!

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