When They Haven’t Moved On

When They Haven’t Moved On

Here are some signs that you know that your partner has not completely moved on:

Photos of Her

When you find pictures of your partners ex at his place, chances are he has not moved on. This is not a good sign for you, and you should express this to him. Find out why he is hanging on to her.


Think about how many times you look at your phone and if your partner has his ex as his lock screen, he is seeing her all day, every day.


Your partner should not be bringing up his ex every time you talk. He might talk about something about her here and there but if it is constant, this is a bad sign.

Deleted Texts

If he has not moved on, he will keep their conversation in his texts. If he has not deleted them, take this as a sign.

Calls You Her Name

This can be awkward but if he accidently calls you his exes name, move on to someone else.


Your partner should have gotten rid of all the things that had to do with his ex. If you find her jeans, shirts, and other things at his house, he hasn’t moved forward yet.

Other Things

Your partner should have also gotten rid of things that she gave him. If he is keeping all of the things that she gave him as gifts, this can mean he has not completely moved on yet.


When your partner is using the gifts that his ex has given him more than he uses the ones you have given him, this is a bad sign. He needs to decide if he is really ready to be in a relationship or move forward in his life.


When you are around your partners family and his ex-always comes up, this can be normal for him. If he and his family are having a hard time moving forward, chances are he is not that into you.


When you are out and he thinks he sees his ex-everywhere he goes, he might be looking for her.


You should be able to go wherever you want and if your partner refuses to go to places because he is afraid of bumping into his ex, he might not be moving forward. He might have a hard time accepting that she is no longer around.


It is sometimes hard to move forward after a breakup but if your partner is constantly holding on to his ex, it might be time for you to move forward without him. You deserve to find someone that can really love you and accept you as their partner and their mate.

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