Loving Your Friend

Loving Your Friend

Most people have had a friend that has a lot of trust with us and maybe even some chemistry and when this happens, it is easy for us to fall in love or have a crush on our friend. This tends to happen because you are close with someone and so the feelings can sometimes grow for that person.

Even fi you feel alone, you are not. Many people have fallen in love with someone that they are close to or someone they call a close friend.

You might wonder what you should do about this situation. Here are some things you can do if you find yourself in this situation:

Be Quiet

If you are crushing on your best friend, you must remember that you are close to this person and when you tell them that you like them more than a friend, this can cause the relationship to get strange or weird feeling. This could even cause you to have to end your friendship or cause your friend to hurt.

Even though you have these strong emotions, you do have to have enough respect for your friend to make sure you are making the right decision in telling them or keeping it quiet.

Tell Them

When you have a single friend that you are crushing on, you could get brave and decide to tell them how you feel. You have to really know what you are feeling before you do this. Do you want to be in a real relationship with them? Are you willing to change the way that you are to be romantic with them?

Do you want to risk changing or giving up your friendship for what it is now? Once your friend knows that you have romantic feelings for them, this can cause them to act differently or worse yet, end with unrequited love.

If you are very serious about this person and you really want to give it a try with them, you have to know the right way to tell them. There is no way that you will ever have a chance with them if you do not be honest with them and tell them how you feel.

If you have this kind of courage, you can talk to them, or even text them if you are nervous but it is important that you are honest about your feelings. Tell them that you want to be more than friends and then be sensitive if they turn you down.

Even if they do not share the same feelings as you, do not make them feel bad or make them angry or scared of you. Of course, you hope they say that they love you back, but if they do not, it is okay.

If you don’t get what you want in the relationship, you have to then decide if you want to be their friend or if you want to move on without them. Do you find it hard to be around them because you love them so much?

Do whatever is best for your heart and whatever you feel is right. Remember, having a best friend is envied by many and so you can still stay close, even if you cannot be together.

Share Your Feelings

If you are not able to tell your crush how you feel, consult in a close friend or family member. Tell them where you stand with your friend and that you have not had the guts to tell them yet.

Make sure that you find someone that you can confide in and trust. Telling your friend or family about how you feel can get the weight of the emotions off of your chest.

Doing this can make you feel like you are not alone, and you can ask your family or friend for some sound advice and what you should do next. Maybe your friend will tell you that you should move forward with it or that you should stay friends.

Do not select someone that will just go and tell other people because you do not want the situation to get out of control and your friend to find this out from someone besides you. Make sure that if they find out you like them, that you are there.

Move on with Love

If you do not think that you can be friends with your crush after you tell them or if you feel that it is too painful for you, move forward and give yourself a break from them.

Find someone else that you are interested in and go out on a date. Get on a dating app or meet new people out and about. It is possible to distract yourself and to find love somewhere else.

If you feel that you are too upset or sensitive to spend time with your crush after you find out they do not feel the same, take a break for a while. After you take a break, you will know if it is worth it to be friends or if you should move on by yourself.

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