Finding Love After Heartbreak

Finding Love After Heartbreak

Having a broken heart happens to everyone and when you have had your heart broken it is hard to trust someone new to come into your life. When someone violates your trust and makes you feel disrespected, it can be hard to heal from this and be able to move on.

The good news is that you can move on and here are some ways that you can do that.

Not Alone

Most people have had a broken heart and know that you are not alone. Just because your experience is different, it doesn’t mean that most people do not experience some kind of broken heart. Some people have struggled with challenges in their relationships that have caused them pain, and this could even be as far as addiction, abuse or emotional pain. Everyone has some kind of things that they are dealing with int heir past.

You need to find someone in your life that can help you to make it past these roadblocks. Find someone that can help you and make you feel good about who you are.


When a relationship ends and you have had your heart broken, you need to take some time out to recover. Wait until you have time to heal before you rush into another relationship. Make sure your heart is no longer broken and remember that a broken heart does not always work well with someone else and can be a complicated situation.

Even if you find someone you like, be friends with them and give yourself time to heal before you move forward with them.

Try to take a break and take time to be happy with who you are and what you have. This can help you to be in a successful relationship in the future.

Open Minded

You need to be open minded and to be able to communicate with people after your heart is broken. When you choose to get into a new relationship, know that your partner cannot read your mind and you have to be able to tell them what you are thinking and feeling if you want them to connect with you.

Everyone has different ways that they communicate, and it is important that you learn to be more open and that you set compunction boundaries with each other. People that are strong minded having a conversation can cause each other to feel disrespected in the process if there are no boundaries.

If you have a hard time of saying what you are feeling, try different things such as writing a note or sending a text.

Different Communication

It is important to remember that men and women do a lot of things differently such as communicate. Men sometimes have a hard time expressing what they are feeling and having heart to heart conversations. Women on the other hand, want to vent and share their feelings so they can figure out what they are really thinking.

Be clear about what you want to say to your partner but always remember that you need to listen as much as you talk. If you have a partner that needs to vent, let them and let them help you along the way as well.

Walk Away

If a relationship is not right for you then walk away. Nothing is worse than spending a lot of time trying to make something work that is not right for you.

When you are in a relationship that has different religious or background experiences, it might be hard for you to stay with that person because of the communication style and the lack of understanding.

Misunderstanding your partner and not being able to compromise or listen can be a fast end to any relationship. If you find that no matter what you say will not end in a resolution, move forward and find someone that makes you happy.

Look for relationships that matter to you such as trust, honesty, consistency, goal sharing and other things that you find important. Doing this will help you find the right partner for you.


Our emotions are very strange and can be very strong. When you are highly emotional or stressed, being in a relationship can affect your partner too.

Manage these times by learning to communicate and knowing the everyone has hard days. All relationships have some rough patches and if you are able to get through the hard things together then this relationship could be strong.

Each relationship might have a time where you need to take a break but if you need to give up on the relationship, do so. If you do not see yourself with your partner in the future or you are not able to make your relationship stronger, move forward on your own and find someone that is more compatible with you.


Focus on who you are and what you want and do not shut down when you are stressed out. Don’t let someone that you are seeing make you feel that you are not good enough. No one knows what you are going through but yourself and you need to be open to improvement and so does your partner.

If you have challenging things in your life that you feel are holding you back, your partner needs to support you and if he or she doesn’t, move on with someone else.

Do not let people make you feel bad for who you are or what you want in your life.


Every relationship will have its own problems and no relationship is perfect. The longer you are with someone should be the time that you are building up structures and foundations and going to a place where there is solid feelings and trust.

If you are in a relationship and you feel that your life is not matching up, maybe it is time to give up.

Focus on how your life is now and try to build trust with the person you want to be with. Always try to be patient and understanding and reinforce things that you have been through in your life but know that your partner is not your ex.

Do no blame your partner when you are sad about your past and do not think that they are the same person. Give them the opportunity to be fair with you and to make you happy in the relationship.


If you have had a broken heart it does not mean that there is not love for you. You might meet someone that sweeps you off your feet, if so, give them time and understanding and do not push them away. Learn to move forward in your life and appreciate that you have met someone that is good for you and learn to love them despite your past.

Everyone has had their heart broken and what is important is that you learn to see a new situation as new and you learn to move on. Take what you deserve in life and do not let it slip away because of your past.

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