Dating a Great Guy

Dating a Great Guy

It is hard to find someone that can bring love and excitement in your life. There are many people out there that we date, and the options are endless. If you are in a relationship and you wonder if you picked the right partner, here are some signs that you are dating a great guy and you should not let them go:

He Loves You

Not everyone is confident and if you are awkward or have weird quirks, you are normal in the world, maybe you tell bad jokes, or you have a speech problem. If your guy likes you and finds you cute and fun, you are lucky because you do not have to pretend to be someone else.


Guys cannot always deal with women when it is their time of the month. Women that have hormonal situations and mood swings often scare their guys off. If he stays when you go through your time, he will stay forever.


Find a guy that is real from the beginning. If he makes you feel good, if he does things that makes you laugh, if he cares about you, he might be the best guy ever.

Angry or Upset

Everyone fights and when you are in a relationship, there will be good times and bad times. If you have a guy that does not let you go to bed angry after a fight, he cares about you.

This guy will not avoid you or let you go to sleep without making up. Keep him.


Men sometimes hate meeting your parents because they are afraid of not being good enough. If your guy is ready to meet your parents, you have met a good one and you should keep him close to you.

Good Time

If you have a good time just watching movies, sitting on the couch, or playing video games, this person is memorable and important to you. He will be someone that you love spending time with, and your life will always be exciting.

Burnt Toast

If your guy knows how to cook, keep him. Nothing is better than watching a guy who knows his way around the kitchen.


Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. When you find that you do not have to put in a lot of effort and you trust his every move, he might be the perfect guy for you.

He will never give you a reason not to trust him and he will always trust you.


A guy who likes you will be creative in the ways he shows it. Pay attention to the small things he does and the way that he shows you that he cares for you.


No one wants to be with someone that has multiple personalities. If you are dating someone that is always the same and you know what they are feeling, keep him. He will not act weird around you and he will always be the same person, no matter what is going on.

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