Ways to Keep Love Forever

Ways to Keep Love Forever

Forever is, well forever. When it comes to love and marriage, forever seems impossible. Divorce rates are soaring and those that make it ten years or more are now an anomaly. Too often, women are told they must change to keep a man, but this list offers insight into the male mindset to help keep your love forever. Though all will not apply to every guy, choose what applies and do what is needed. Read over the essentials and help your guy want to stick around until you are old and gray.

Praise Him Physically

While some guys exist that are not thrilled when you discuss their physical attributes, most really enjoy, and appreciate it. Few guys do not want to hear that they are the best, biggest, and most creative you have ever had. While you should not go overboard or be fake, mention his attributes and watch how “manly” he becomes.


Being a stay at home mother or homemaker is not a problem. It is a difficult job at best. This is a contribution, but so is making money to help with household bills. Even if you find a job where you make more than him, enjoy it. If he does not like you making more, then he is an idiot. Just make sure you are contributing something to the relationship whether looking after finances, making money, or caring for the home and children. No need to be overly tied down by gender norms, just contribute in the ways you can with consistency.

Look Nice

While extreme workout regimes and starving yourself are not necessary, do take pride in your general appearance. Look nice for him and yourself any time you are going out or even just chilling at home. You should expect the same from him. This goes beyond dressing nice. Get exercise together, eat healthy foods, and watch as you are happier, hornier, and healthier long term.

Set High Standards

Expect your man to be good or even great. Set him on a pedestal and expect him to live up to what you have pictured. Make him work for it a bit. This is not a mind game, but a supporting environment to help him be his best. He will understand that his success is in part your faith in his ability and not want to imagine life without you.

Less Nagging

Everyone nags at times, but curtail it as much as possible. It truly is a turn off.

No Belittling or Punishing

Everyone messes up, including your man. If he does mess up, you must decide if it is bad enough for you to leave. If the answer is yes, then leave, but if not, deal with the problem, forgive, and move on. Dragging things out just cause the healing to be slowed down. Decide early on what “messes” are a one strike and your out rule. If its cheating then make it clear. He should have a list as well. If he messes up and its not a deal breaker, express disappointment, set expectations, and then support his change for the better. If you support him, he will work to improve, but constant attacks will make him give up.

Let Lust Live

A quiet evening at home does not have to stay quiet. Stop the movie that has gotten boring and invite your spouse to have some fun in the bedroom. Make sure you have a lock if you have kids. A little noise never hurt a child, just make sure they cannot get in. Tell your partner what you like, how it feels, and help him feel his best too.

Live Your Life

Though marriage is about time together, a lasting commitment means you have your own stuff as well. Feeling like the other person is your entire world will quickly be overwhelming. Encourage him to hang with friends and you do the same. You will both be better for it.

Have His Back

When your man is trying something new or needs back up, be there. This is not covering up a crime back up, but an ally for a new venture. Expect the same from him. If things are to last, you must work as a team.

Offer Him Some Down Time

Take the kids and go on a mini-vacation, leaving him alone for a few days to do as he pleases. This is his time to be a gross guy without prying eyes. He should do the same for you on occasion. While he is sure to miss you and things will go right back to normal, the break is always nice.

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