Signs Your Friend is In Love With You

Signs Your Friend is In Love With You

Being in love with someone that does not love you back is hard. Here are some signs that your friend might be in love with you:

Good Morning Texts

If your friend is always messaging to tell you good morning or to tell you good night, or even asking about how your day is, it can be a sign they like you.

Falling Asleep

When your friend lets you fall asleep on them without moving, they might like you.

Sex Life

Someone that likes you will never talk about their sex life or if you talk about it, they might get weird. If this is happening in your life, they might be in love with you.

Your Love Life

When your friend is wanting to talk about your love life and ask questions about who you like, they might be getting information for their own reasons.

Using “Est”

A friend that might have more feelings than friendship will end their words with “est” a lot such as the “prettiest,” “funniest,” etc.

Upcoming Events

A person that likes you will remember all of the important events or even unimportant events that are coming up in your life. They might remember if you have a meeting or a job interview, even without you reminding them.


Having someone like you means that they will text you sweet things and then make it like it is a joke, when it really isn’t.

Help You Make Excuses

When you need to cover up something or you need to do something, they will help you make excuses that you need in order to get things done.


A person that likes you will still support you or maybe even encourage you to dump someone that is no good for you.

Significant Other

When a friend likes you more than a friend, they will do things for you that even your significant other does not do for you.

Weird Things

Someone that you like might have weird quirks and they will remember when you point them out. They will form inside jokes with you to keep you connected.

Share Netflix

You guys watch the same things and so you have the same list on Netflix and you even share the same account.


Even when you point out things that are not good about yourself, someone that likes you will point out that you are perfect the way that you are.


When you have someone that likes you, they will point out that you are close to them and you are their best friend.

Make Time

Someone that likes you will always take time to call you and make time for you in anything that is going on in their life.

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