Signs That Could Make or Break Your Relationship

Signs That Could Make or Break Your Relationship

Chances are that you have been in relationships that you have started because you met a stranger and then it became something more. This could have been someone that you met as a child and then later you made a romantic connection. You will make thousands and thousands of connections in your life and some of them are not going to be good.

You can love someone more than anything and you will still be able to see if there are red flags. You might have met someone, and you are seeing them, and you feel that something isn’t right. If you are in this situation, here are some signs that you have some red flags and you might need to reconsider the relationship:


One of the biggest things about being in a relationship is having open communication. If you have had communication with your partner and then all of a sudden you feel that your partner is not expressing their feelings, something could be wrong.

You should be open with each other in your relationship and you should be able to talk about life, emotions and other things that are important. Communicating is intimate and when the person isn’t open to you then either they are hiding something, or they are not caring about you.

If your partner doesn’t want to discuss things with you then they might not be the person for you, and you should move on.


Having no trust in a relationship should be a huge red flag. If there is a reason that you cannot trust your partner, you need to think if this is what you want in your life.

You should always be able to trust who you are with and you should never try to change them or try to make them be who you want them to be.

There should be a healthy line between freedom and trust and if there is no trust, you need to move on. You should never have the desire to look through their phone or to follow them. If this is happening, look to see if this is what you want in your relationship.


Another bad sign is if someone has abusive behaviors. These are not just physical but can be emotional or mental. If you have someone that is always messing with your head or trying to put you down or make you think you are crazy, you need to move on.

If this is happening to you, do not wait but get away as fast as you can. This person does not care for you and you will never change them. Do not let them in your life and separate from them as fast as you can.


Control is a red flag in a relationship. The person that you are with should share your life with you and not try to control you. They should not try to make you act or think a certain way. This person is toxic if they are doing that to you.

A good relationship means that there are two people that are spending their lives together but that they have separate lives and freedom to come and go. If someone is trying to make you act or be a certain way, let them go.


Another big sign is self-destructive behavior. These signs are not the ones that will cause everyone to break up with someone but if you are with someone that is abusing drugs or alcohol, not working, and leaving you to hold up all the finances or if they are acting crazy around other people, you need to see if this is what you want in your life.

If someone cannot respect themselves, they are not going to respect you. They will not be able to take care of you and they will not be able to make sure your life is good. Look at these behaviors and find someone else and find peace in your life.

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