Heartbreak Lessons You Have Learned

Heartbreak Lessons You Have Learned

You often meet people and there are red flags all around you, but you choose to ignore them because you see the good in the person you have met.

You decide to give them support and they never seem to feel that you are there for them and they begin to be selfish and all about themselves but at this time, you are connected to them.

You still try to see the good in this person and instead of moving on, you try to get what you want and make them love you. Maybe you choose to break up with them or that you think in your mind about how you want the relationship to be and so you wish over and over that you could turn it around and that your relationship would be perfect for you.

Things then begin to get worse and then you are forced to leave the relationship for your own mental or physical safety. Is this something that sounds familiar to your life?

Many people have experienced this in their life and sometimes you find that you are in a pattern and that you are often time forced to leave the relationship. Maybe you have a different situation, but this is something that can be similar to many relationships.

The truth is that many people are trying to keep relationships together, but they really need to concentrate on saving themselves. They often feel that they need to be blamed for things not working out and they choose to be hurt instead of moving on.

They want to blame the person that hurt them, and they want to make everyone else pay for the mistakes that others bestowed upon them. Sometimes they choose to believe that their own mistakes caused the relationship to be bad.

People are often blinded to things because their heart is broken. If someone is always making the same mistake in all their relationships, it will have the end result of heartbreak and breakup.

There are things that you should have learned about love at this point and you should have grown and become a better person. This means that you keep messing up and you are not learning what you need to learn.

Falling Back in Love

Some people give of themselves and they are always just so tired at the end of the day. They have a lot of people that come to them and want to take from them because they give so much. Sometimes they never know that they need to stop giving because they are empty.

The problem is that no one is giving back to them. If this has happened to you, you must realize that you are messing up all of your resources and that you have to learn to stop giving all the time and let yourself be strong. Learn to say no.

Give love to yourself and others but always take time for who you are. Save your energy and form a budget and stick to it. Listen to things online that tell you how to be better and help you to love who you are and to heal. You need to get away from people that cause you to feel bad and give yourself love and love others from a distance.

Red Flags

People will show you who they are and if you learn to pay attention to their habits, you will figure out who they are. Learn to know if you can put up with their habits at an early time and if you start ignoring things they do; you will become immune to it.

You will see from your exes that you have stayed too long and that you haven’t spoken up enough.

If you are having a hard time learning this, you need to listen to your gut feeling about what you want and what is going on. When someone you meet seems interesting, listen to what your inner gut is telling you because it never lies.

Appreciate Others

Everyone is always chasing someone, and this means that you need to find someone that is present to you. The people that are interested in you and someone that is present for you is not the same thing.

You have to evaluate the people around you and learn to be appreciative of those that have shown up to you and want to be around you. Even if there are people that you aren’t romantic with that want to spend time with you, love them.


Do not allow your pain from the past to keep you there. You need to learn to heal before you can move forward. Do not feel bad about the past and who you are but learn to keep working toward your healing.

Some people should never have to pay for things that have happened to you in the past. If you are not healing, you are hurting others around you. Stop hiding your emotions with sex or with drugs and learn to control how you feel and react.

Know When to Quit

You have to learn the difference between being loyal to someone and being loyal to yourself. Someone can love and hate you at the same time and then still find loyalty towards you. You can feel the same. You can love someone and still be loyal to yourself.

Pain is one thing that will teach you and will help you to learn from things in your past. Learn to be accountable to what you have done wrong and to grow and learn from it. You have to heal before you reach out to others or you will never work out.

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