Fixing a Broken Heart

Fixing a Broken Heart

Is there someone that you are dating or that you have broken up with and you miss them so much that you feel that you are never going to get over it? Do you wonder why or how you can miss someone that much?

Do you ask your friends and your family these questions?  The truth is, these are normal feelings and when you are in a romantic relationship that comes to an end, it is hard to deal with and hard to handle your emotions. You probably spent so much time investing int his person that they become a big part of your life and the life of people that you love such as your friends or even your family.

Maybe you met this person when you were dealing with things in your life and you feel that they saved you or maybe you even feel that you are someone else when you aren’t with them.

Now that the relationship has ended, it is time to really look back at what happened and why it ended. If you know why it ended, chances are you still cannot get over him and you wonder if you will ever get over him.

Being in a serious relationship with someone will cause you to have very strong feelings with them, even if you were not really serious, your feelings should be strong. Do not feel bad for missing this person or feel guilty, this is normal.

Look for someone that you can talk to and get relationship advice from. Doing this can help you to move forward in your life and find some peace.

Missing Someone

If you really miss someone it means that you are away from this person and that you feel differently. The truth is the same feeling of an addiction or a withdraw from a drug is the same feeling that you can get if your heart gets broken. This feeling can be similar to coming down from a high or experiencing withdraw.

Missing someone is something that is natural and can cause you to have different changes in your life including chemicals that will speed up or slow down once you are away from this person. When you do not see this person that you like anymore or you break up with them, you will have withdrawn from them.

Long Distance Relationships

Chances are that you are in a long-distance relationship and you miss someone because you haven’t seen them much or because you can only talk to them through phone or email. Maybe you met this person online or you met them before they moved, and you have learned to get to know each other better.

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you are far from this person and you have a hard time of seeing each other face to face. Some long-distance relationships are thousands of miles away and they worry that the relationship will not be able to last because of not seeing each other face to face.

You might be afraid of this person dating someone else or talking to someone else because you are so far away from each other, but you need to have this conversation with your partner so that you can work through things and get to know each other and trust each other more.

Is it Normal?

When you are away from someone that you love or someone that you break up with, you will see that you will think about them often, probably each day. It will make you wonder what they are doing, who they are dating or if they are thinking about you.

When you think about this person, chances are you keep thinking about someone that you fell in love with at the beginning and even though chances are that you idealized this person in your relationship, you still miss them and miss the relationship in itself.

There will be times in your life such as celebrations that might make you miss this person even more. You will miss talking to them, celebrating together, spending birthdays together and more. Valentines day will probably be the hardest holiday for you because you will miss eating together or buying him a valentine gift or him getting you one. You might even feel sad on this day because you will not be together with them and your friends will probably be busy that day with their own partners.

Most people will feel lonely and sad after a breakup and they will miss this person, even if the relationship was hard. We cannot stop these feelings from happening and these kinds of feelings are normal.

Why Do I Miss Him?

You might miss this person because you contact them still, even after the breakup. Its hard to get over someone that you are talking to each day, especially if you have been together for a long time. Even someone that you only dated for a short while can stick to you if you keep contacting them and make you miss them even more.

Never feel guilty about this because it is normal to talk to someone or to want to be around someone even after a breakup, but you are best if you can leave the relationship and you can break the habit of talking to them. Contacting someone can be a habit.

If you miss someone after they break up to you, or if you were in an abusive relationship, you might wonder why you care so much about someone even though they treated you terrible. This can happen because you felt unloved but that you wanted them to love you so much.

Missing someone that is mean to you is normal, as well and is even natural. You will be better off with this person but it is still hard, and it is normal to miss them because you are going to be away from them even after being around them for so long.

Will It Ever Get Easier?

You might feel that you are never going to be able to get over this person, but the truth is, your life will get better. You will get to a point where you stop missing this person and you move on to something or someone else.

There is a good chances that you will even be glad that you broke up with this person and you will see that your life is better without them. You will not be held back by missing this person forever.

Here are some ways that can help you heal:

All Parts of the Relationship

Do not just think about the good parts of the relationship because this will make you miss that person even more. Remember the times in the relationship that weren’t always that good. Even healthy relationships have problems but if you can think about the problems you had with this person, you can see you are better off moving forward.

New Activities

Find new activities to be involved in. Find something that you like to do, make new friends, join a club, pick up a hobby. You are never too late to find something fun to do.

If you like sports, take up a sport, if you like to sew, take a sewing class. If you don’t like spirts, find something else to do such as baking, working out or more. You will make new friends and maybe even find a new love.

Make some goals for yourself and find out a way to reach them. Making goals can make you feel fulfilled and make you feel like your life is better.

Family and Friends

Talk to your family and friends about what you are going through. Do not work alone and do not give up on life. Ask your family and friends advice and see if they can help you.

Even if you don’t have friends that have answers, at least you will have someone there to be with you and to allow you to talk through your situations.

If you have good friends, they will embrace you and help you and not judge you.


When you feel that you are lonely and you are not healing, it might be time to talk to someone. Find a counselor or a therapist to share your feelings with. Speak to someone that doesn’t know you or what you are going through so the advice that they give you can be impartial.

You can even look online and find online counseling if this makes you feel better. There are other counselors that can even do couples counselor and you can invite your ex but if they don’t want to go, don’t force them.

Give Yourself Time

The sadness and the loneliness that you feel will go away. You will have to work on these feelings and find someone to talk to so that you can improve your feelings and so that you can get over missing your partner.


Relationships are never easy and getting over a relationship is even harder. Everyone is different and it takes different people different times to get over things. Take time and work through your breakup but know that you are going to be okay and that missing someone is normal.

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