Red Flags for Online Dating

Red Flags for Online Dating

You can learn a lot from a man that texts you or sends you messages and you need to pay attention, especially if dating online.  Pay attention to this man’s tone and what he says.  Does he complain a lot or is he always negative?  Does he try too hard to be impressive?  This could be a sign that he is a player or that he dates a lot of women.

Does he brag about everything and seem self-absorbed?  Does he refuse to tell you about his past like he is hiding a wife or a girlfriend?  If a man is messaging you and you have a gut feeling something isn’t right, he could be bad news for you.

There are some men that are newly divorced or widowed and they might not know how to talk to women online and this is different.  They might not have dated in years and so they might come across as being silly or hard to understand in their text messages.

Pay attention to what men are saying to you and make sure you understand where they are coming from before you get serious about them.

Wasting Time

Are you dealing with someone that seems like they are wasting your time?  Were they very handsome and then when you email them back, they never ask you to meet?  This person is probably just a time waster.


Did they ask you if they could meet you and come and cook at your house?  Sometime things can seem a little creepy, and if it does, then move on.  No one should ask to come over after a first email or meeting.


Does he seem taken back by you being open and honest?  Does he take too long to message you?  If the guy is too wimpy to start a conversation and keep it going, find someone else.


If the guy mentions that he has seen your other pictures on different platforms, he might be a hacker and into your stuff.  If he sends you messages about your other accounts and you feel that he is stalking you, move on.


Do you feel like you are talking to someone that hasn’t been out of the third grade?  Do they always tag you in things and ask you to send out messages that will make them rich? Lose this guy fast.


Do you find that someone asks you too many questions and pries into your life too fast?  Do they seem interested but feel like they are your therapist?  Chances are they will be like that in person too.


Did you meet someone online and had a date set up and last minute they decide to cancel on you?  If they say they hope you aren’t angry but they aren’t going to make it, be angry and don’t talk to them again.  Last minute cancelling is rude and disrespectful to you.

The Con

Do you feel that you have someone that wants to get personal and get your phone number right away?  Do they want to get your personal information fast and you feel in your heart you shouldn’t?

You need to make sure that you don’t share information too fast and if that is all they are interested in, they might be out to scam you.


Do you have a guy messaging you that doesn’t have a profile picture or any pictures for that matter?  Would you like to get to know them better?  A man without a photo does not deserve to be replied to.  You cannot trust people like this and shouldn’t give out any information about yourself.


If you meet a guy and they have a fake profile and no friends, then chances are they don’t want you to know who they are or who they are with.  This can happen on dating sites and it can be someone that doesn’t want to be recognized.

These types of men go after women who live in other states and they try to get into their life and get to know them even though they have a wife or a girlfriend.

These guys are not worth the time or the trouble.  Stay away from them.


Do you have someone that says that they travel all the time and are wealthy and influential?  Make sure these men are real before you give them your heart.  Pay attention to where they say they were and to what they have done.

Don’t just date someone because they have money, or they can travel.  Get to know who they really are and they might not be who you ever wanted to know.

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