How to Know if He’s Looking for a Relationship

How to Know if He’s Looking for a Relationship

There is always that one guy that makes us lose faith in people which is not fair to the good guys that are still out there waiting to meet the perfect woman.  Some guys can be picky and take longer to find someone than other guys, but most guys want to be with a girl that makes them want to change who they are.

You can tell if a guy is looking for a relationship even if he says he isn’t.


Most guys will have sex and not wait but if he wants to be with you, he will wait until you want to have sex.


A guy that likes you will never be too busy for you.  They will make time for you no matter what.


If a guy I into you, he will want you to be part of all of his life, even meeting his friends.


If a guy likes you, he will want to meet your friends to because he wants to be part of your life.


Nothing about a relationship should be hidden and he will want to be with you so people will know you are together.


He will protect you when you can and any way he can.

Keep His Word

If he is into you, he won’t make promises that he doesn’t keep.


A guy that likes you will put you over other people and make you a priority in their life.  He will put you before other commitments that he makes.


When a guy likes you, he will ask your opinion and be open to your ides.


He will want to talk about when he first met you and how you guys met and what you were wearing.


When he is serious about you, he will make plans with you in the future and invite you out at a later time.


In a relationship, a guy that is into you will put in extra work to show you how special you are.  He will not take advantage of your effort and will return it.


He will make you part of his decisions if he wants to make the relationship work with you.

Other Girls

If a guy likes you, he will stop hanging with other girls and will take time to know you more.


When a guy likes a girl, he will know all about you, especially your food allergies.


People that like you will want to know what makes you tick.  If he is into you, he will want to know all of your goals and figure out how he can be a part of them.


When he likes you, he will care about you and will make sure that he will not hurt you.


A guy that likes you wants you to be happy and he will figure out a way to make this happen.


He will know what is important to you and try to make those things happen.  If you like a clean house, he will make sure that your house is clean and ready for you.

Wait for You

If you don’t want to start a relationship right away, he will wait for you.  He knows what you want and he will wait until you are ready.

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