Loving Someone Too Much Can Ruin the Love

Loving Someone Too Much Can Ruin the Love

Is it possible to love someone too much? No matter how new and exciting a relationship can be, if you give too much love and affection, you can ruin the relationship.

Even though we hear about love through poetry, movies and songs, there is a thing as giving too much love. If you are always giving love and affection to someone, too much can push them away.

People that love to give love often will smother their partner and not even realize it. They will see warning signs, but they will choose to ignore them and then when their partner leaves, they are heartbroken.

New love can be super exciting, but you need to be careful about how much love you give to someone. There is a difference between loving someone and smothering them.

Do no forget to pay attention to the warnings and if your partner is acting annoyed at you or if they hold back, chances are they are not wanting you to be something them in love.

Some of the signs you will see are them leaving for long periods of time, them canceling dates with you and then maybe even breaking up with you when you don’t get the point.

When you smother someone with love, it doesn’t show them that you love them it just shows them that you are very insecure. You do not have to give your undying love to someone to show them that you care and when you cross the line to smothering you risk losing them.

The more you smother someone for their love or attention, you are pushing them away. If you think loving means that you have to be with them all the time, that you are always trying to find out where they are, giving them stuff and not giving them space then you are wrong about what love is.

Loving Someone Too Much

If you love someone then you want them to have the best and even if you are not fulfilling your own needs or desires, you need to want what is best for them anyways. Here are some reasons why smothering someone with love will push them away:


People want to be free. People do not get into a relationship so that they can lose their freedom. When you force someone that you love to be with you or you give them too much affection, you are taking away their freedom. You are not able to let them make their own decisions.

When you are too pushy then you are not loving them for who they are, and you are not giving them a chance to be free in the relationship. This can be unfair and can happen because of your fear. Learn to trust them and yourself and let them be free.

Never put someone that you love in a cage and make them where they are your prisoner. They should be your partner and not your prisoner and if you love them then you will give them freedom.


If you want to stop the relationship from growing, then it will never be true love. You have to let your partner be separate from you even when you are together. Remember, you are two separate people and no matter what they want to do, you can show them love by accepting them.

You have to respect your partner and what they need and do not push your life on them. If your partner wants you to do things for them and they want you to act a certain way, they will show you, but you have to respect them to be their own person. Respect their wishes and let the relationship grow.

If you give your partner too much love and they don’t want it, they will become greedy and you will be single in no time. A good relationship takes time to build and you need to not try to rush it or be in control of your partner.


Everyone in a relationship needs to have their own time. If you give them too much attention or want them around all the time, then you are not going to make things easy for them. You have to give your partner a chance to be independent and not to always be clinging to them.

You do not want to oppress someone that you love, and you have to let them make their own decisions in life. If you limit them then you will cause them to want to be free from you instead of close to you.

Nothing is wrong with you wanting to have time with your partner, you should want to be with them, but they need space and even you do. It is fun to be with someone but if you are always forcing yourself on your partner then they will leave you.

Give them time to be away from you because it will make their heart grow fonder. Give them a chance to miss you sometimes.

People appreciate others when they spend time away from them and being in a relationship is the same way. If you give too much time and attention to your partner, then you will not give them space or give room for the relationship to grow. This will cause your romance to become boring and your partner will need to leave to find peace.

If you are dating someone that is new to you, try to remember that there has to be a balance between love and space. Let him go out with the boys and let her go out with the girls. Spend time with your friends and let your partner spend time with theirs.

Find hobbies that are not the same as your partner and do things outside of the relationship.


No matter if you love someone or not, do not be needy and desperate. Learn to love them for who they are but show them that you are fine alone and independent. Prove that you can be responsible, and you are an adult.

You have to learn to trust your partner and if you cannot do that then you need to move on because you are too insecure to be in a relationship. Find a way to be happy and if you do not have someone in your life right now, it is going to be okay. Do not be so afraid that they will walk away.

People do not want to be with someone that is acting crazy or overly needy. Smothering your partner makes you look that way and makes you look desperate. Being desperate is unattractive and will turn people away.

Even if you love your partner and want to be around them, smothering them will make them crippled and it will you too.

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