Committed Relationship

13 Ways You Know You’re in a Committed Relationship

You may have been with someone for a long-time, but it doesn’t necessary mean that you are committed to each other.  If you are wondering if your relationship is built to last, read the following traits of committed couples.

WE, not Me

Relationships that are healthy and lasting are rooted in a profound mutual respect for one another.  Couple desire to spend ample time together and consider how their actions may impact their partner.

Friendship comes first

You enjoy the physical aspects of your relationship, but you see your partner as your best friend first.  This attitude signifies a level of ample mutual trust.  The couple is able to share their innermost thoughts without fear of any judgment, included their fears and regrets.  They see their partner as their go-to person for any new developments in their life.

Healthy boundaries

From the first days in the relationship a healthy couple sets and honors boundaries.  They understand each partner has differing needs and levels of comfort.  It is important that these boundaries are respected, even when it doesn’t align with one partner’s preferences as they understand this limit is essential to how their partner wants to be treated.

Mutual respect and communication expectations

Communication is easy, constant, and honest.  Together a couple can talk through anything together.  They check-in on each other to ensure misunderstandings are limited.  These check-ins help both partners understand the other’s mental, physical, and spiritual health needs.  When disagreements arise, they are able to work through the challenges in a way that minimizes pain.  There is never a threat of a break-up during a fight as they know they will face all obstacles together and craft mutually beneficial solutions.

Secrets don’t exist

Healthy couple know everything about one another including both the good, the bad, and the quirky.  Because they respect each other so deeply, they feel uncomfortable if they have to hide or hold something back.  They understand that barriers to healthy communication can erode trust which can potentially damage their bond.

The relationship is a top priority

It doesn’t matter how busy the daily schedule gets, both partners make sure to allocate quality time with their love.  This doesn’t mean a couple has to be attached at the hip, but there are regular blocks set aside to reconnect and enjoy one another.

They understand each other’s love language

It is most helpful if couple share love languages, but you have to understand how people show and desire love.  This helps couple connect more fully and provide meaningful support.

They champion each other

Even in the worse moment, a healthy couple continues on for the sake of the other.  The love they give each other is the light in any darkness, and encouragement to overcome any obstacle.

Willingness to make sacrifices

It can always be one person’s way in a relationship, someone has to be willing to bend.  This is easy in healthy relationship, because a couple knows the one who is bending in one moment will enjoy the other bending in the future.  Going outside one’s comfort zone opens up a person to new opportunities and discover a new experience to enjoy with their partner.

They are your ‘ride or die’

Healthy couple support each other in all circumstances.  Even when one partner wants to explore something new, the other will believe in their dreams even if the goals are lofty.

They are building a future together

There is no part of a partner’s future that they can envision without their lover in it.  Together they discuss future plans and implications to ensure they are taking the healthiest steps forward together.

Decisions are made in tandem

No decision is made without the input of the other partner.  Sure, both partners are distinct individuals with unique lives, interests, and goals, but they will always consult one another.  They root all conversations with radical honestly and a willingness to both share insights and listen.  This helps to make sure that both partners’ concerns are taken into the mix and solutions are mutually beneficial.

There is no thought about cheating

A committed couple has eyes only for one another.  They would never dream of being unfaithful or causing their partner pain.  They are loyal and committed to each other physical, mental, and spiritual health.  They see monogamy is a treasured gift that although require substantial work and patience is worth all the effort, they put into making their love last.

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