Women Hide Their Love for You

Why Women Hide Their Love for You

People that are in a relationship want to be with someone that will show them how they feel and will not try to hide their feelings from others.

If you find that you are in a relationship with a woman that showed you a lot of love and then all of a sudden it seemed to fade, you will probably wonder what is happening and why she is no longer giving you the attention that you want.

Here are some reasons she might be hiding her love from you:

Change Your Treatment

Sometimes women overthink things and they sometimes will begin to worry that if they show the way that they really feel that a guy they are with might take advantage of them or they might stop loving them.

She will decide then to not show what she is really feeling, and this could end up causing the couple to be disconnected and to not feel in love anymore. This can cause problems in the relationship.

If a man feels that a woman is no longer happy in the relationship, he will stop feeling like she loves him, and he will begin to feel lonely.

Afraid of Breaking Up

Some women are afraid that they will have their heart broken by someone that they love and if they stop loving them so much then they won’t be as hurt if this happens.

She will try to stop the pain from coming and she will hide some of her love because she thinks if she does this and they break up it won’t hurt as much.

When a woman does this though, she causes the man to feel lonely and to feel frustrated in the relationship. One thing about love is that it doesn’t always last but if you want to feel love, you have to take the chance that it might end.

If you feel that you are not as happy in the relationship or you cause a guy to feel that way, he will leave you.

Feeling the Same

Another problem that some women have in a relationship is that they are fearful that the man will not feel the same about her.

She will worry that he will not express his love or that she will be rejected. If you are wanting to be happy with a woman, you have to show her how you feel and show her that you care about her.

Women fear being rejected and sometimes they will not put forth the effort because they are afraid of rejection. Have courage about love and if you are a man or a woman, do not try to hide the love but show what your real feelings are.

When you are a guy, you have to have courage and embrace love and show your woman that you care for them without being afraid. If she doesn’t return your love, move on and do not be afraid. Make her feel loved and respected and when she goes along with this, she will give you the same thing back.

Think You Can Do Better

A woman might worry that you will find someone better if she shows you what she feels. She might think that you will find her invaluable and that you will think that you can do better.

Sometimes this does happen but if you find yourself in a situation where your woman is not showing you the love you want, ask her, and tell her how much you love her. Show your love to her and return her feelings.


A relationship will work out when you both show each other love without being scared of it. This doesn’t mean you have to give each other every ounce of attention that you have, but it means that you are showing your love instead of hiding it and you are respectful and kind to each other.

When you both feel good in your relationship you will feel connected, happy and you will feel loved.

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