Guy That Broke Your Heart

Why A Guy That Broke Your Heart Doesn’t Deserve a Second Chance

Going through life is just lesson learning and when you make mistakes, you learn from it and you do not let your failures hold you back. If someone that you know has broken your heart and they want a second chance, why do that to yourself again?

Causing Pain

Why would you want to be with someone that has caused you so much hurt and pain? Learn from your relationship and take the good times as they were without falling back into the same trap again.

Same Situation Different Time

This will be the same situation that you were in just at a different time. Whatever caused your relationship to fail will still be there. Let the relationship go and move on.

Clean Start

When you go back to someone that has hurt you, you don’t have the chance to experience something new. You are in the same situation again and it means that you are just letting your past life come back to possibly haunt you.

Getting Hurt Again

You are taking a big chance to get hurt all over again. You are opening up old wounds and this can mean you haven’t fully healed yet.

Getting Over Them

Remember all the time it took you to get over him in the first place and keep that in the back of your mind. Do not throw away all that time just to do the same things over again.

Nothing New

You will not get the opportunity to learn new things about him. You will know what sets him off and what changes his feelings. You will know his flaws and you won’t have a chance to learn new things about him.

Same Person

This person is the same person that you were with before, just at a different time. He isn’t going to change and remember that you broke up for a reason.

You cannot change him or fix him and that is probably a lot of the reason you broke up in the first place.

Waste of Time

What if the relationship doesn’t work out and you waste more time on him than you already have? Remember that you spent so much time thinking about him and grieving over him.

Let him go and find someone new. Don’t waste more time on him.

Plenty of Guys to Date

Remember, there are plenty of single guys out there that you can date and that you can find to love. Do not choose to go back to him just because you are single.

His Loss

The breakup might have been harder on you than him but remember, it was his loss and not yours. You learned your life lesson and its time to move forward.

If he wants a second change, choose to move on because the moment has already passed, and he already hurt you enough. This is his loss and not yours, remember that.

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